Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada celebrating this long weekend!

Enjoy that turkey and all the trimmings but when you hear yourself saying okay, just one more little helping stop right then!!!! Cuz now you know you have gone over the food/stomach limit and in about 5 minutes from then, you will be sorry.

Oh, who am I kidding, I'll be right there with you in spirit, moaning and complaining that I ate too much.

Thanksgiving this year is going to be very quiet, just Tom and I. His work scedule always makes it hard to plan for this holiday. That's actually good though, for some reason I have never really enjoyed the huge family gathering for Thanksgiving. Way too much preparation and a reminder of the big holiday coming soon. There is always way too much food leftovers and too many dishes and containers in the fridge forgotton for weeks that end up containing mysteries and new life forms.

I took a turkey out of the freezer yesterday, hopefully it will thaw in time. Even though it will just be the 2 of us we still have to have the turkey, just not all of the trimmings.

The weather this weekend is nice, we will actually stay in the high teens low 20's all weekend. It's a beautiful crisp sunny morning, the trees are looking a little bare and of course many shades of yellow and orange but all the same beautiful. To be able to enjoy the beauty, feel the crisp air, and the smell of dried burnt leaves in the fire pit. For this I give thanks.

My house work is acceptably done, and I will now head to the art table to try and get something finished. Hopefully I will try and stop in again before the weekend is up.

Have a nice Thanksgiving and fall weekend!


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Altered Kat said...

ok...your week is up...we need another post please...something with pictures... ;)