Sunday, December 17, 2006

Whew! What a week!

Well, I finally made it back here but it wasn't easy.

From Christmas shopping, decorating, wrapping, list checking, there was no time for art or blog.

Of course it isn't over yet either, mountains of food to prepare, a few visits, 1 meeting, 3 lunches, house cleaning, and still one more day of shopping, before I can say I am ready for Christmas.

Here's a question for you:
Have you ever looked in your dish cupboards and wondered where on earth you got the single plate or saucer that doesn't match your set? In my organizing this week I realized I have several mismatched plates, a saucer, a tupperware bowl, and 2 serving trays and I don't have a clue where they came from. Of course, I can only imagine how many of my own items are at someone else's home. But the mystery remains as to why I have these items and who they belong to.

Tom's Christmas display at work is finished and looks great with Santa's legs coming out of the ceiling. The judging is tomorrow so I am going there to take pics of everything, Tom just has a couple of little finishing things to do in the am.

In case you thought for a second, that I forgot about the draw, don't worry I was leading up to it! The winner for my last topic is ...........Amber!

Whooo Hooo Amber!!! Please be sure to let me know what to send to you art or ephemera along with your email addy.

Be sure to also sign up for this topic draw by leaving me a comment. And yes, of course you can enter even if you have won before! You must re-enter for each topic in order to be a part of each draw!

So here I am finally listing last weeks finished artwork on ebay. One 5 x7 ABA page, and 2 postcard art pieces. I am listing them for 10 days just so I have something listed during Christmas. Sorry the pics aren't linked only because I am doing this blog before my actual ebay listings. LOL

Well, that's it for today, but I will be back before the end of the week so be sure to get your comments in for the topic draw!

kim :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To Blog or not to Blog?

First of all, everytime I come here to write something, it takes me a few minutes to navigate to the dashboard. Am I missing something?

I usually have to go to the home page, and log in and then it takes me to the dashboard. And if I leave the page I have to start all over again. I must be missing something? I just can't find a link? one except Kat reads this thing anyway.

Kat, I can write to you anytime I want.

Please tell me again why I am blogging?

Okay I know you are gonna come back with the "add your blog link to your emails, website yadda yadda yadda.

Alright, I will try it.

But I am going to need proof that someone has actually read these blog topics.

I saw on someone else's blog that they give something away every Friday.

Well I am going to send something to a winner of each of my blog topics!

Topic Draws!

That's right, if you read my topic and leave a comment you will be entered into a draw with only the other commenters who read and commented on the same topic. When I post my next topic, I will announce the winner of the previous topic. The previous draw is closed as soon as I post a new topic. Does that make sense?

Kat's saying "oh boy oh boy, I am gonna get alot of free stuff!"

And!!!! you will be given a choice:

Of course it will be a surprise free gift, but you will have the option to say art item or collage supply item. But that will be all you get to choose!

So leave your topic, be sure to check back to see if you are a winner and if you are, send me your choice and your mailing addy!

Oh and Good Luck!.................Kat!............

Monday, December 11, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me!!!

Okay, in reply to being tagged by Kat, here are 6 weird things you don’t really need to know about me but what the hey!

1. If you love life and living, don’t touch my feet. No footsie, no massaging, not by accident, no pedicures, no tickling and no stepping on my toes. Not even a shoe salesman, and yet I love shoes!

2. My bed is almost NEVER made by me. I’d rather do 10 loads of laundry. (yeah Kat I know you wanna trade places with me every morning eh?)

If you come over I will either close the door or if the bed is made it is because my DH made it. He likes the sheets tucked in tight, and I usually fling everything up and roll around in them. Usually when I strip the bed and put on new bedding, my DH is helping me. My house can be spotless but I will never make the bed. Okay, maybe if it is your very first time to my house but that is really pushing it.
Even guests that sleep over in the guest room are required to change the bedding before they leave so it is ready for the next persons.

3. Toast with raspberry jam and cheese whiz OR raspberry jam with grilled jalapeƱo pepper cheese makes a great sandwich. Toasted peanut butter with bananas and honey too!

4. I actually love fruitcake dark or light and it can touch my turkey at Christmas time and be smothered in gravy. (Usually nothing can touch on my plate either.)

Our Wedding cake was a 4 tier fruitcake. Except for part of the bottom layer, (that was handed out to guests that would take it) I think I ate almost my entire wedding cake myself (top 3 layers were in the freezer over a few months, saved the very top for Tom and I for our one year anniversary but I probably ate most of that too.

5. I love music and TV can’t get enough of either yet when I create art I usually work in silence unless DH is home.

6. I’m not a shopoholic but I have a hard time buying just one of something. I usually buy 2 or more. If I want a pair of beach sandals, I usually end up with 2 different pairs, I even will on occasion buy 2 of the same top in different colors. Sometimes the magic number of the day can be 4. If something is on sale it gets worse. If it has anything to do with art, my wallet is doomed.

7. I like Kat (alteredkat) I think we share a lot of weird quirks some we won’t even tell, does that make me weirder by association?
Okay, that's all you get! Sheesh, 2 posts in one day? Don't expect much for the rest of the week. I think I need a rest.
Santa’s Legs

I really had full intentions yesterday (Sunday) of actually doing the blog topic as I had been so “tagged” by my dear art friend Kat. The topic was “6 weird things about me”.

But things were going well at my art table and I actually finished 3 new items. Then I started preparing some new backgrounds in an attempt to clear off my work table.

I was totally smokin!

I planned that I would just finish up these few little jobs and head to the office for an evening of listing and posting my blog.

My DH Tom was working yesterday and finished his day at 4:00PM so was home shortly after and I went to the doorway to say hello.
Ohhh nooooo! He barely got out a hello to me and started rambling about Christmas decorating and how they were gonna win the contest and get free pizza for the EMS staff and so he volunteered our services to help Ellen (co-worker) to get the job done so he had to get those Santa Legs started and hopefully finished tonight!

Whoaaaaa! Where have I heard stuff like that before?

Now we (Tom and I) were not blessed with children ourselves, but I am sure I have heard the parent’s story many many times about the science project….you know the one….. the erupting volcano and you only found out about it on Sunday afternoon and of course it was due on Monday? Well here was my husband pulling a science project on me.

Amazingly, it came together really fast. I had a bolt of red felt, and using a pair of his sweat pants to measure, we were able to cut out, sew and stuff the pants in no time at all. Tom (DH) used a pair of his old work boots for the Santa boots and I added some nice fleece pile for the cuff around the boot. Once all was glued down, Tom stuffed the legs with a ton of rolled up newspapers.

Why did they need just Santa’s legs you ask?
Well apparently as the story goes….. Santa is walking along the roof of the hospital looking for the chimney and partially falls through the ceiling tiles just missing the fire place. When I see the finished display, I will be sure to take additional pictures.

After the legs were finished and standing in the corner, I still wasn’t done. I had to make a Christmas stocking for the little cutey nurse that didn’t have one. Of course it had to be perfect, would anyone expect anything else? I made it with Black velvet, trimmed with a fleece cuff and gold ribbons and hanger. Sorry but I didn’t take a picture of the stocking.

Here is a picture of the Santa legs. It was a little weird, every time I walked into the hallway I thought someone was standing there.

So Tom still has to make the fireplace and chimney (the one that Santa misses) and help the staff decorate the mantle and office. Again more pics will come. This has become quite the project for my DH that usually he leaves up to the girls to do.

Each hospital department is decorating their own area in this staff competition.

Tom was very pleased with my help (aw shucks, I fell for it again) and convinced they will win the staff pizza prize, yet somehow I don’t see any pizza in this for me. But he has promised that he will take me out for pizza too!

So that’s my story about not getting my blog or my new listings done and the proof is in the picture.
So even though I didn’t get the topic “6 weird things about me” done, the Santa’s legs made for a fun story!