Monday, December 11, 2006

Santa’s Legs

I really had full intentions yesterday (Sunday) of actually doing the blog topic as I had been so “tagged” by my dear art friend Kat. The topic was “6 weird things about me”.

But things were going well at my art table and I actually finished 3 new items. Then I started preparing some new backgrounds in an attempt to clear off my work table.

I was totally smokin!

I planned that I would just finish up these few little jobs and head to the office for an evening of listing and posting my blog.

My DH Tom was working yesterday and finished his day at 4:00PM so was home shortly after and I went to the doorway to say hello.
Ohhh nooooo! He barely got out a hello to me and started rambling about Christmas decorating and how they were gonna win the contest and get free pizza for the EMS staff and so he volunteered our services to help Ellen (co-worker) to get the job done so he had to get those Santa Legs started and hopefully finished tonight!

Whoaaaaa! Where have I heard stuff like that before?

Now we (Tom and I) were not blessed with children ourselves, but I am sure I have heard the parent’s story many many times about the science project….you know the one….. the erupting volcano and you only found out about it on Sunday afternoon and of course it was due on Monday? Well here was my husband pulling a science project on me.

Amazingly, it came together really fast. I had a bolt of red felt, and using a pair of his sweat pants to measure, we were able to cut out, sew and stuff the pants in no time at all. Tom (DH) used a pair of his old work boots for the Santa boots and I added some nice fleece pile for the cuff around the boot. Once all was glued down, Tom stuffed the legs with a ton of rolled up newspapers.

Why did they need just Santa’s legs you ask?
Well apparently as the story goes….. Santa is walking along the roof of the hospital looking for the chimney and partially falls through the ceiling tiles just missing the fire place. When I see the finished display, I will be sure to take additional pictures.

After the legs were finished and standing in the corner, I still wasn’t done. I had to make a Christmas stocking for the little cutey nurse that didn’t have one. Of course it had to be perfect, would anyone expect anything else? I made it with Black velvet, trimmed with a fleece cuff and gold ribbons and hanger. Sorry but I didn’t take a picture of the stocking.

Here is a picture of the Santa legs. It was a little weird, every time I walked into the hallway I thought someone was standing there.

So Tom still has to make the fireplace and chimney (the one that Santa misses) and help the staff decorate the mantle and office. Again more pics will come. This has become quite the project for my DH that usually he leaves up to the girls to do.

Each hospital department is decorating their own area in this staff competition.

Tom was very pleased with my help (aw shucks, I fell for it again) and convinced they will win the staff pizza prize, yet somehow I don’t see any pizza in this for me. But he has promised that he will take me out for pizza too!

So that’s my story about not getting my blog or my new listings done and the proof is in the picture.
So even though I didn’t get the topic “6 weird things about me” done, the Santa’s legs made for a fun story!


Altered Kat said...

Did someone say "FREE PIZZA"? ;o)

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