Sunday, December 17, 2006

Whew! What a week!

Well, I finally made it back here but it wasn't easy.

From Christmas shopping, decorating, wrapping, list checking, there was no time for art or blog.

Of course it isn't over yet either, mountains of food to prepare, a few visits, 1 meeting, 3 lunches, house cleaning, and still one more day of shopping, before I can say I am ready for Christmas.

Here's a question for you:
Have you ever looked in your dish cupboards and wondered where on earth you got the single plate or saucer that doesn't match your set? In my organizing this week I realized I have several mismatched plates, a saucer, a tupperware bowl, and 2 serving trays and I don't have a clue where they came from. Of course, I can only imagine how many of my own items are at someone else's home. But the mystery remains as to why I have these items and who they belong to.

Tom's Christmas display at work is finished and looks great with Santa's legs coming out of the ceiling. The judging is tomorrow so I am going there to take pics of everything, Tom just has a couple of little finishing things to do in the am.

In case you thought for a second, that I forgot about the draw, don't worry I was leading up to it! The winner for my last topic is ...........Amber!

Whooo Hooo Amber!!! Please be sure to let me know what to send to you art or ephemera along with your email addy.

Be sure to also sign up for this topic draw by leaving me a comment. And yes, of course you can enter even if you have won before! You must re-enter for each topic in order to be a part of each draw!

So here I am finally listing last weeks finished artwork on ebay. One 5 x7 ABA page, and 2 postcard art pieces. I am listing them for 10 days just so I have something listed during Christmas. Sorry the pics aren't linked only because I am doing this blog before my actual ebay listings. LOL

Well, that's it for today, but I will be back before the end of the week so be sure to get your comments in for the topic draw!

kim :)


Altered Kat said...

Woohoo! Congrats Amber!...Kim, as for your single dishes I think I have some of your tupperware LOL... ;o)


Amber said...

KIM...I'm so excited I won! How great is that!!!
I would love to have some ephemera because I am working on several altered books right now and have been using up a lot of my stash LOL!
So HAPPY to have won!!!

...I have the same trouble as you do with the dishes except with mismatched boys are almost 6 years apart and they both claim that the socks aren't whose socks do I have???LOL!

Amber said...

...I forgot to leave my email address

Kim...I love your new art!!!

Kat...Thanks :0)

Betty (~.~) said...

Morning Dear Kim. Please feel free to share any of my stories--as for blogging--well--I'm not sure but will think about it.

You are so very right about the dishes. I too have lots that I have no idea where they came from nor who (or is that whom??) they belong to!!

But what really gets me going are these very fancy--much used--much saved-- plastic dishes. You know--the ones like butter or sour cream and that kind of stuff come in. Now--first of all--when did I buy a big container of lemon yogurt and why?? No one remembers EVER having any but the container is here so I must have. Butter--sour cream--I can understand--but--lemon yogurt???? I went thru ALL of my receipes and nope--it's not called for anywhere. Neither Samantha nor I even like the stuff--the lemon that is. So go figure!!!

Also--along the same line--where did all the containers go?? I have around 5 times the number of lids compared to the number of bottoms!!! I never never throw anything away--so--where the heck did they go????

Betty (~.~) said...

Good morning Kim!!! Just wanted to wonder by and say Howdy!!!

A crafting we will go---a crafting we will go---high ho the dairy oh---a crfating we will go!!!!

Be very glad you weren't here while I was typing that--I was singing it at the same time!!! Yikes!! Not a nice sound at all!!!

The Boopster (~.~)