Monday, May 07, 2007

Today I am speed blogging!
So here it is in a nutshell:
The above images are my free downloads for week 18 and 19, on my website!
I'm having an art sale on my ebay auctions this week, loads of art items will be starting at $1.99
I've already listed some items, plus tomorrow I will be debuting some new stuff! I'll leave you a little peeksie here tomorrow.
My Winner of the Topic Draw is...........Dana aka My Eccentricities Studio she's a busy girl, just go read her blog, I love that Mr Hare, I should go comment but Dana knows I have a plate full lately, Dana, I am wavin at ya! So if anyone sees her before I do, be sure to tell her to stop by.
If not I'll try tomorrow!
Later..... dudes and dudettes!


Melanie said...

Hi Kim,
Got your email about the free goody bags giveaway. Like your work - would like to see more ATCS that incorporate old lockets, ribbons, etc.

Loudlife said...

Love the fashionable ladies! Kim, wouldn't you know that the day I panic about being a deadbeat is the day my package arrived! I love it! What a bonanza!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Dana said...

KIM!!!! Oh girl ... I'm flyin' by to say HI and saw that I won your comment draw on Monday! YIPPEE ... that's neat. I'm sorry I've been so bogged down lately. I like to sit and go blog hopping with my morning coffee and the last week has been INSANE trying to get myself back on track. I won't stay gone long ... just until I settle into a new routine. The kids will be done with school soon ... seems there's always a whirlwind of activity those last few weeks of school, too. Thanks so much for your encouragement ... means a LOT to me!!! Have a FABULOUS weekend!!! xo -Dana Oh PS ... LOVIN' THOSE LADIES!!! ;)

Dana said...

Happy Mother's Day, KIM! :) I can't email you through ZNE Talk as I'm not a subscriber right now. Not until after summer ... I'm just so busy during summer months .... I hope you're having a fabulous day! xoxo -Dana

easyjourney said...

Thank you Kim for the amazing goodie envie I got from you!! You are a doll, xxoo Astrid