Monday, May 14, 2007

Vintage Rose Bouquet Camisole

Okay, I'll admit it, I was a little bored the other night. I went to Cafe Press and set up a store front again. I had a store with them many years ago when I was doing more photography stuff. I only sold 2 items, and luckily they were to my family so I didn't have to wait for my commissions.
But I figured I would try it again, and oooh my how things have changed since I was on last. I love these camisoles and thongs and just couldn't resist creating items using my vintage rose bouquet images. I have an older niece that would probably love these for pj's so I think I will get her a set for Christmas!
Be sure to watch for other Cafe Press items to be listed soon!

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Altered Kat said...

I'll never fit into that thong if you keep sending me 2lb bags of truffles Kimmy! :o)

p.s. THANK YOU and yes, they are DELICIOUS! (I thought that was a pretty heavy postcard!)

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Hey Kim, I opened a Cafe Press shop a couple weeks'll be nice to know someone over there! Don't let Guido see that thong girlfriend! ;-) LOL

Dana said...

Wow ... those are CUTE but I can not even imagine myself being able to ever pull of wearing something like that, LOL!

Thank you so much for the GREAT envelope STUFFED with ephemera!!! It came the other day and I'm sorry I didn't come over to thank you sooner. It was GREAT fun to go through and I can't wait to use it!!!

Have a fabulous day!