Monday, October 08, 2007

Blog and Website redesigned

I am sure you have noticed that my blog has gone through many many design changes lately.

I have added more links to my website and art related pages, some interesting blog links and many new beautiful banners.

And yes, I just recently purchased many new banners custom made by Gail aka Shabby Cottage Studios.

Right about now I am sure you are asking why don't you make them yourself?
Well, it isn't for lack of images.....I have way over the half million in my collections. (not kidding)

It isn't for the lack of artist expression, I never sleep and there is no way I can turn off the idea flow.

It is a combination of lack of time and overkill.

The lack of time is well, sort of "self explanitory" but the over kill comes from being unable to decide what it is that I want. You know what it is like, you start looking for one image idea and the next thing you know you are printing some images to use in another newly dreamed up art project that will be sitting on the pile for weeks only to have more piled on top.

I spent too many days with lots of good intention, only to come up with some great ideas and still no banners completed. Oh they were started.....but then even they became subject to the new idea demon. I'm gonna make some fabulous book marks with my new banner creations some day.......

So I finally gave up, and I decided it was best to contact someone who specializes in banner creation. Wow, it was sooooo easy, I'm now thinking about other oportuinites to contact other specialists in different art areas.

Gail, took the ideas and thoughts I gave her and just ran with it. She did such a wonderful job of all of these banners, I am just thrilled!!! Far above anything I ever expected, and I paid a ridiculously low but fabulous price too.

These banners are being used both here on my blog as mini link buttons and on my website in full size.

I am far from finished and will be adding more as soon as I dream up the new ones I want.
But oh no, I am not going to make them myself, are you Crazy? I'm just gonna call the banner designer expert lady specialist! aka da bomb!

Did I mention her name was Gail aka Shabby Cottage Studio? In case you still are not sure how to get over to her very brand new website just click on this lovely banner and it will take you there. Not only did she make my banners but she did it while working to complete her own website. Her website is fabulous, lots of yummy art projects, fun altered art supplies, beautiful collage sheets and decorated so beautifully, I was there on the first day, Oct 2, but it should still have the new website smell and she may still give you a virtual hot steaming cup of coffee and homemade sticky bun, but I have to tell you..... I did eat quite a few when I was there so then again.... maybe not! :)

Once you are there you can link up to even more wonderful sites of hers. Her blog addy is in my blog links too.

Well to finish my post, I will tell you that it is Thanksgiving Day today here in Canada. We celebrated the dinner part yesterday (hubby is working today) with a turkey dinner and all the trimmings (oh yeah, there were my homemade pies and they were not virtual) So today we will eat leftovers of which I am thankful for.

I am thankful for many many things, right now it is the warmth from the woodstove, the sense of smell, and the sight to enjoy the colors of fall. For this I thank my Creator.

I am Thankful and grateful to our soldiers fighting for our freedom and to their very brave families waiting for them at home. May you be safe and warm.

I am thankful for large towels and beautiful puppy dog eyes when our dog Jessie comes in with wet muddy feet, I will always cave in to those eyes.

Way way further down the list of Thanks, I am thankful for beautiful banners, and for this I thank Gail of Shabby Cottage Studio.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians and their families. May your Creator keep you safe, warm and may you have many reasons to give thanks.



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