Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hello Everyone!!!

As always I am so very far behind in blog posting but I have some really great excuses.

1. I am on a new design team for Shabby Cottage Studio
2. I started a new blog site (yep shoot me now!)
3. I am moving my stuff into my new studio in the basement
4. I started a new website (I am committing to Dec 2nd opening)
5. I have been working alot at my real jobs
6. I have actually been making a ton of art
7. I have a life off of the net. (hmmm I do? )

So there you have it! Now I will start to post more info on all of the above
#1 The new design team.

Yes, I have joined Shabby Cottage Studio to design art items using product from her website.

There are 6 designers plus Gail whom I have personally taken to calling the Shabby Queen although she doesn't know it yet. LOL

I am going to get this going on our forum so hopefully you will see more reference to the Shabby Queen.

I have listed all of the links to my other shabby sisters which is what we have called ourselves, as well as the links to the store.

I can see why Gail chose each of us, because I spent a couple of hours going through everyones blogs and Etsy shops to see what they were all about.

Kathi aka outonawhim makes the cutest angel tags, just follow her links on her blog to see them.
Gina aka lillysoflondonish ohhh everything she makes is yummy, and I love going to read her blog, such an interesting writer.

Carole Dawn aka cdsartisticendeavors she makes gorgeous polymer beads and sells them at fab prices at her Etsy store.

Sally aka sallylsmith Not only is she very talented as an altered art artist, but she paints beautiful primitive Santa sticks and sells them at her Etsy shop too.

Sharon aka myvintagestudio She does incredible art, I love her vintage style and I am drawn to her digital collages. I'm not sure if she sells somewhere, but her and I will be doing some trades in the new year so I am happy.

Then of course, there is the Gail aka the Shabby Queen herself our group leader. Oh just go check out her site, she doesn't need me to plug her, she is a very talented lady.

And last but not least there is well...... me!!!
Oh what can I say, she picked me because of my cute avatar!
Do check out all of their links for a very enjoyable and inspirational read.

Our first project was to create Art Cards (ATC/ACEO's) using one of Gail's digital ATC background sheets. We were only required to make one ATC but because the sheet comes with 9 images I did them all. The sheets are easy to order, then you download them to your computer and print them out. The nice thing about the digital downloads is that you can print them over and over again. What a savings.

This is the background I chose (yeah what a bonus I got to choose which one to work with)
soI used these backgrounds to create part of my Children are.....series. The images are from my own collections. Then all were embellished and the rest of the phrase for each card was added.

There are 11 cards in the series, 2 are already for sale on Etsy these 9 here are going to be listed in my new store so do check it out when it opens.

This last card is my favorite and why I called her precious. You may recognize the image, it comes from one of Great Musings CD collections and is also the website logo. Please don't ask me which one, I think I have all of Kat's collections. But if you check out her site you will probably find which cd it comes from.
The other project we were to make was the cutest little paper bag. Gail sent us the papers with the template on the back, I cut it out and scored it but then I didn't want to make a paper bag so I glued it to some heavy card stock to make a very sturdy upright bag. Then before putting it all together, I added rivits to the sides and made a wire hanger. The embellishing was easy for me, my stash of goodies made it so easy to decorate these bags. Gail has since added to her collection of bag papers, and they are perfect for Christmas gift giving especially for giving art cards. I personally am going to get more to make ornaments for the tree and what a great way to give any kind of gift cards. ohh the possibilities are endless!

You can also read and see the bags I made on Gail's Blog tho you may have to go back a few posts, like I said, I am a little bit behind in my posting.
Well that is all for this post, but I will start another one shortly. First I will give you a little time to absorb this one and take a break myself. I'll be right back!

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Altered Kat said...

Thanks for the plug Kim & congrats on your new design team position!

I'd wish you a Happy Thanksgiving but we're already done that ;o)