Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Free Image Downloads for your Art Creations

I just uploaded a ton of new images to my Free Images Blog

Stop in and help your self to as many as you like, Happy Creating!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lydia's Reveal Art Challenge Blog

If you have not stopped by this art challenge blog you are missing out on a fun challenge site. Lydia's Reveal will challenge your creative muse.
Lydia sets the stage, she feeds your mind with the theme, and then your own thoughts and creativeness take over or perhaps these thoughts are really hers.........

Her challenges are bi-monthly, in any medium, size and artistic expression. You are welcome to participate whether you are a potter, a jeweler, a card maker.

Then, there is a voting for the best artist of the theme and a winner is chosen. The winner receives an award and free advertising for 2 weeks.

This first Challenge ends tomorrow night and the voting will begin on Wednesday.
Please stop in to view and cast your vote for the best piece. Also be sure to check out the next theme challenge due for the end of the month.

As usual, I am so very far behind on everything.

I created this digitally collage enhanced photo for Lydia's first Challenge Theme: Reveal

It is titled: She revealed her wings
She longs to have real butterfly wings and has settled for her tattooed wings instead. Everything in blue on the photo was added digitally including figuring the perspective of the tattoo on her back.
The photo is now printed to be completed into a dimensional collage art piece. When it is finished I will post a revised photo.

Although I may from time to time participate in Lydia's challenges for fun, I do not participate in the voting, because I am both affiliated with the site and Lydia's friend.

I have made some extra print copies and will finish 2 derivative versions, and one will be awarded to Lydia's challenge winner as an extra gift for participating in the challenge.

Now to let you know what else is going on in my real world......

Canning and preserving season is upon us and I must tend to my mountain of tomatoes for salsa, stew etc. Beets are done, hot pickled peppers are done, but I see many more days ahead of slaving over a hot stove. Every year I make a huge collection of canned goods only to have empty jars again in the new season. Where does it go? Who eats it all? I don't know but I keep making more.

If that isn't enough, my hubby is on holidays right now and we are renovating our bedroom and a spare bedroom with new paint colours, and new laminate flooring in the bedroom and main hallway. Right now my bed/sleeping quarters is in the living room and actually looks quite cozy. The rest of the rooms are in total turmoil. It's not easy to find the underwear and socks, we have taken to checking the clean laundry basket for what ever we want to wear. I am starting to see a pattern in our clothes choices.

And still more, I have company coming for dinner on Wednesday night. They are okay with the bed in the living room, LOL they are just coming for dinner. But I have a big meal to plan.

Can-eh? Can-Artistry is another venture for me and though I haven't been active on the boards for the last 2 weeks, I have been working behind the scenes in preparation of new phases to come. If you are a Canadian Artist, please join us on Can-eh? it's free and a great way to promote yourself and art.

This is all you get for tonight, please do stop in to visit Lydia's reveal and we would love to have you join in on the next challenge!

I'll be back soon!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Never Ending Project Box

Hi Everyone in blogland,

I am still working on the items in my project box from many many weeks ago (actually I think maybe months ago)

Here are some of the photo slide mounts that I have recycled into miniature art. Some of these are available for purchase on Ebay tonight, with more to be listed somewhere soon. I have finished 12 in total but I think I have about 40 half baked so they should be done soon.

That leaves the 2 childrens board books and they are already basically covered so maybe they will get completed in the near future too!

As I am saying this I realize I have many more project boxes waiting for me to work on.
This time I am going to peek inside before I actually commit to the one I pick. LOL

That's all for me tonight, many things on the go in the real world.....see you soon!

Have a very creative week!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Technorati Test

This post is just to make sure my Technorati Profile is working

Technorati Profile

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Lazy Post Today

Floating on Cloud Nine 5 x 7


Don't Hate Me Because I am Beautiful
(this one has a fun secret on the back
only the new owner will see.)

A Flower Affair


These are my art items for the week, all are listed on eBay, and you can click on each image and it will take you right to the descriptions.

I'm feeling sooo very lazy today so this is all you get.....I think it is the warm weather.

Have a good evening

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sizzling Hot Summer Sale!!!

Sizzling Hot Summer Sale!!!

Art and Imagesbykim

30% off
everything, art and supplies ( and I will be adding a few more items before the week is up)

entire website store

One week only!
Shop away and when you are ready to check out type: Summer into the coupon code to receive your discount

Don't delay, most items are one of a kind or limited quantities, when they are gone...
they are gone!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Steampunk.... the new buzz in Art

Steampunk, is it new?

Well no not really it's been around a few times in my own life time, but it is back and popular again.

If you are not really sure what steampunk is or what it is all about, then you really must go and read all about it on Kat aka AlteredKat's new squidoo lense called: Steampunk Art
I was so inspired and rejuvenated after reading her lense that I had to go and make a piece of Steampunk art.

Now a few years back we made art like this and called it trash art. Using a variety of found objects and mechanical parts, bits and pieces to create jewelery. It was easy going through my stash to find items to work with. LOL by now, you must think I am a weird collector of stuff? LOL

Do you remember that Altoid Tin that was in my project box a few weeks back? Well it became the perfect item for creating my new Steampunk art tin.

Decorated with a wire hanger to hang or drape, completely finished inside and out including the back and a wired found object for a dangle.
You can see more pics on ebay where I have this item listed.

Now, do you remember this old Cigar Box from my project box a few weeks back too? Also listed on ebay.

I am finally getting these items done tho it has taken a long time. Still a few items from that box left to do but should not be too much longer.

Here are more items I listed on eBay yesterday for my art listings for the week.

Paper roses ATC ACEO

Pretty birds 4 x 6 art card

Chained heart 5 x 7 art card

A wonderful artist I found on the net

If you have some time to spend browsing on the net, you really must stop and see this artist:
Pat Winter aka Gatherings 100

I first met her on Gail's new blog Mind Wide Open and her art was displayed for an art challenge. I fell in love with her vintage style and I have been drooling over the piece she entered for the challenge.

The Remembrance Box:

Be sure to stop by her blog to read more about it and see many wonderful art pieces she has created. She has links to some fun places.

And my blog just wouldn't be my blog if I can't share with you art that I now have in my own collection.

My personal collection of art from other artists is huge and yet I will always have room for more art from Lydia aka Kenningstone

My new art pieces from her include:

Pink House:

and Anuata Art Doll:

I have yet to see an art piece from Lydia that I do not love.

Go have a read and view on her blog for her latest art pieces before I start looking to purchase those new Roba Cards


Thank-you for sharing your wonderful talent, I want more please, .....I love it all!

And if you, my favorite blog readers still want more........

Stop by the Free Image of the Day Blog

and the Can-eh Featured Canadian Artist Blog Roll

for more more more!!!

That's it that's all for today,

Have a very creative week!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Altered Recycled CD Art Listed on eBay

Here are a few altered cd art pieces also listed today on eBay

Purple Fashion Fairy

Hand Made

Madam Bouffant

Whew! That's it that's all!!!

Thanks for looking!

ACEO ATC Mixed media Collage Art Listings on Etsy

Here are a few more art cards listed on Etsy:

Journey to far away places in your mind

Miss Prim


More to come soon!
Hi Everyone,

Amazing that I can actually stay off of the internet for a couple of days and make some art.

Here are some art cards I listed today on Ebay

La Rose

Rose Mauve Posies

No Truer Friendship

Fly me to the Moon

Thanks for looking!


Monday, July 07, 2008

And the Winner is....

Drum Roll Please......




Just a little longer........

Keep scrolling........

Almost There.........

Whooooo Hoooo!!!!!

Lisa aka Simple Journeys

Congrats Lisa, thank-you for participating with your comments on my blog.

A big thank-you to all who participated, your comments are greatly appreciated and have been loads of fun to receive and read.
Be sure to watch for pics and comments from Lisa as to what she received in the box. (I'd show ya all but then it wouldn't be a surprise for Lisa)

I am going to let Lisa come here and find out for herself.

Lisa, when you get here, please contact me at: artist at

just replace the "at" with the symbol and no spaces. I will need your mailing address.



Sunday, July 06, 2008

POST 100 Yay!!!

I want to show you 2 more row houses I received. I saved these for the end because they are more special to me.

They are from my friends Gerdie Fisher and Lydia Hildebrandt aka Kenningstone. Both gal pals are local, living very close by and we occasionally work together. We had so much fun sharing ideas, we had a "Gala Evening with wine and cheese to debut our finished houses before we packed them up and sent them off to Jeri aka An Artful Gathering
then we waited very patiently.........( yeah sure I checked the mail box every day after reading about the first person that received theirs back) .......for our houses to return. We had a blast looking at each others houses, we even have plans to make more.

This is Lydia's row house, the detail is incredible, the windows are actually transparent and if there is a light behind, it looks like the home fires are burning. The door is a wooden door from a found object Lydia found on one of her walks.. Her embellishments are all hand made. The texture and staining are incredible.

This house is from Gerdie. It's a quilted outhouse, you may want to only peek with one eye open cuz the outhouse is occupied!

She had made an outhouse for the swap someone else got it, as well as some beautiful quilted houes both designs gave me a pouty face because I would have loved to have either style of hers. I guess I must have talked about it and begged enough that she made me the quilted out house.
The quilting is actual stitching that she pre-punched through the matte board and then hand quilted. Right now you are already thinking wow, and if you look closely you will see all the thread stitches you might even say double wow.

peeksie on the inside.......ooops where's the Sears catalogue?

Thank-you Lydia and Gerdie, this was so much fun , I can't wait to work on a new project with both of you again.

So there you have it, this is my 100th post. Although it's probably more like 200 when you read the really winded ones.

Here is the list of entries I have so far, I will still accept entries til midnight okay til morning.
Then I will post the winning entry.

Jen 1
Denise 1
Mercedes 2
Kat 5
Sarah 11
Lydia 6
Kathy 1
Teresa 2
Connie 1
Gina 1
Donna 1
Ginger 1
Gail 1
Lisa 3
Shari aka creative chatter 4
Sheri aka Esprit*d'Art 1
Mosiac 1
Rosie 1
Arlee 1
Shelly 1
Barbara 1
Paru 1

The list can change with any comments I receive yet today.

Before I pack the box, I will be sure to take pictures of everything in it but it will not get posted until the winner notifies me that she/he has received the package. (so far I can say she but that could change).

Upon receipt I ask that the winner leave a post on their blog if possible linking back to my blog. If you don't have a blog, that's okay at least you can come back here and post your comments on what you received.

Thank-you so very much for all of your wonderful comments. I am more excited to know that people do actually read my blog.

Have a wonderful evening, Good Luck and see you tomorrow



Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oh Yes, yet another journey I went on this time I think it may have been LaLa Land......sigh, not enough hours in a day!

Finally I am displaying my Row house that I received back from the swap.
It's not that I received them late, just me posting them late.

Many Thanks to:

Ellen Gray

Gerdie Fisher

Heather Robinson

Laurie Blau-Marshall

Anne Sagor

Gloria H


Barbara Hagerty

Kathy Wasilewski

Virginia Madison

Next I would like to tell you about my new blog

And right now you are thinking "What? she's making a new blog? sheesh she can't even keep up with this one"..........

Art and Imagesbykim Free image of the day!

This new blog is a permanent location to house my free image downloads so with a simple click of a button I should be able to reasonably keep up. (alright, I may be a day or 2 late) But this is a site you are going to want to check back again all the time.

Make sure you book mark the site page, cuz the url is very long.

Art and Imagesbykim Free image of the day!

Happy Creating with these images!

And yes......this is post number 99, one more to go and it is going to be tommorrow for sure!!!!
This dragged on much longer than I ever wanted so I have a few little things to do in the afternoon and I will post number 100 by early evening.

So get your comments in to have another entry into the draw.
When I post tomorrow I will tally what I have for entries to this point.

The draw will be made and the results will be posted on post number 101!

see ya later!