Friday, February 22, 2008

Here I am this morning reading through a few emails, one of which came from Jeri Aaron aka artful gathering.

She is starting a swap called row houses, I haven't said yes yet but I think I am going to. They are so sweet.

So while I was on her blog looking at these gorgeous row houses, I noticed one post down that she had been tagged "the 6 weird things about me" and then she tagged me at the end.

Whew!!!!! Thank goodness I just did one, so I am recycling it for Jeri's tagging too, and again I am not re-tagging.
It's too late, I think everyone that I know has been tagged and re-tagged by now. So if you are reading this, remember to keep those "Thanks for not tagging me Kim " gifts coming! LOL

In celebration for not having to do this tag, I am giving a couple of free downloads today.

Visit my Shareapic albums to download the full size version of these new images:

Have a very creative day everyone!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello everyone,

Just letting you know that I am now selling digital collage sheets on my website: art and imagesbykim

This little slide show is just a "smidgen" of what is yet to come!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I've been tagged by Kathy M!
Kathy is such a sweetie, and we share a lot of similarities, gosh I hope she doesn't share these below.

Only for you Kathy!

Yes, this is 5 things about me you don't already know.

I did one of these along time ago and I think it was 7 things.
So if you are in the mood to know more, you will have to search way back on this blog.

Okay here goes

1. I eat breakfast at the computer almost every morning. (except this past week and a half I was away on vacation)

Yes, that is when I do my reading of emails, blog posts and forums. Even when hubby is home I still usually run off to the computer. It's my morning time, so please try to have your posts done early otherwise I miss it till the next morning. :) (kidding)

2. I have a peeve about internet grammar.

Some day I am going to do a whole blog topic on this subject. If it is anything more than LOL or ATC I haven't got a clue what you have written, please spell it out. It takes way longer for the person (like me) reading to figure out what you mean.
Also make sure you know when to use: their/they're/there or whether/weather misuse of these words can throw me right over the edge.
There is also the Canadian vs US versions of words like centre/center or colour/color or fibre/fiber or cheque/check
Far too many Canadians spell the words incorrectly because they use American spell check, so Canadians, no cheating..... use the Canadian versions because I know who you are! Oh and it is absolutely acceptable if Americans spell it their way, because they are American.

3. The sight of blood will make me faint.
I can not do a band-aid to save my life. Oh and what is worse, my hubby is a paramedic.

4. I have a parallel parking phobia.
I just can't do it without the fear of taking out someone's fender or hopping on the curb. I will drive around the block 5 times till I find a spot that I can just drive into, or I will park 3 blocks away and walk. I am the annoying person that leaves half a car length space in front of my car so I can get out if you boxed me in from behind.

5. I love butter tarts but I cannot make them. Oh I can make an artsy replica of a butter tart out of clay or something but you can't eat it. I can bake a fabulous pie, make cookies, make anything chocolate, I can preserve, and I can cook up a storm but no butter tarts.

There you have it! Five tidbits of information about myself that you didn't know before.

Now I am supposed to tag others to do the same. But, if I had to write 6 things about myself, the 6th would be that it is very hard for me to do this and then tag others to do it.

So all of you that are reading through this with one eye closed in hopes that you don't see your name on my tag list, don't worry I didn't tag you. (oh and you owe me for that, and I will gladly accept all lovely gifts of art and supplies in return for not tagging you)

If this isn't enough, I'll gladly answer your weird questions or at least give you the weird and extremely winded detailed answers when you ask ordinary questions.

That's it that's all!


It is pretty sad when you holiday in a place like this, in the Texas Gulf Coast area..........

And come home to this:

Today it is minus 41 degrees with the wind chill. When we left Texas, it was 71 degrees f.

That is 112 degrees difference!!!

Have you ever heard the term: when Hell freezes over?............This could be the place!

Please understand if I am just a weee little bit cranky this week. :(


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Who Wants To Trade For These Items Below?

I have this pile of used rubber stamps and a couple of ink pads.
I will add a whole pile of ephemera stuff to fill the box to the maximum.

Papers, images, doo dads and other stuff, trust me, it will be packed to the fullest!!!

What would I like in return?
Just an ephemera packet to offset my shipping costs for this box.

If you are interested to put dibbs on this deal, leave a note in the comments and send me your address to my email address: ( minus the brackets.