Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New item in both my website and my Etsy shop

Walnut Ink Crystals 1oz jar/packets

Easy water base stain for distressing paper,paper doilies, wood, fabric, ribbon or lace etc. to give an aged, vintage and/or primitive look.

Should mention too that my background here on my blog is made with walnut stained paper. First I stained it and then flick more with a paintbrush, and dropped a few small crystals on the paper while it was wet

Way way too much fun!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Morning all!

Yesterday I didn't have time to finish writing all the posts I wanted because it ended up being late and I was getting cross-eyed.

I wanted to mention that I had 2 Easter Bunnies this week. The other one takes on the form of a Kat, no that's not a spelling error, it is Kat aka alteredkat. She too is an Easter Bunny.

She sent me this delicious package in the mail from the Hershey Chocolate Factory in her area.

It arrived sometime last week, I only picked it up on Saturday at the Post Office, and again I struggled to get that camera in time to take pictures.

Thank-you Kat, what a wonderful surprise!!!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hope you had a fun time hunting for those chocolate goodies, and spending time with your families.

Our Easter was very quiet this year. Tom my wonderful hubby was working all day yesterday til very late and today he was gone since very early this morning.

During the past week both of us have been home with horrible colds and pretty much flat out all week.

So when he left for work this morning, I didn't really expect to find any kind of treats, I sniffed momentarily but shook my head and said silly girl, when would he have had time?

But he never forgets I told myself, and then I reminded myself that he wouldn't have had a chance.

So I pretty much left it at that and accepted the fact the my Easter Honey Bunny would probably make it up to me with a couple of candy bars early this week when the stores would be open...well at least the gas station.

Later in the morning, I quickly ran down stairs to my workshop to put something away because i was leaving shortly, and......low and behold!!!! There it was....a magic trail of little cadbury foil eggs that winded through my work shop up and down and around. They led to my table top where there was a canister upside down and I just knew there was the sweetest surprise of all!!!
My Lindt bunny, wrapped in pretty gold foil.

Aaaawwww he did have time, aaaawww he did remember, he always remembers, I knew that I really knew that.......he really truly is my Easter Honey Bunny.

Here is a picture of my Easter Loot, I would have taken pics of the whole trail but I was so excited when I was gathering them that I forgot to get the camera.

Thank-you Honey Bunny!!!



Lydia aka Kenning Stone is now Blogging

Yeah you read it here first!!! She has joined us in this land of never ending. She is learning about blogging, linking, html, uploading, downloading and reloading.

Her head must be spinning tonight, but we had a great day together. She's officially blogging, and she also set up her page on DIYCITY so please check them out.

I think I actually saw that spider she talks about.
I think I will bring a swatter with me next time I go over there, just in case.... but she probably wont let me get it...... I think she likes him!

Ohhh yeah, and her bird isn't very fond of me either....maybe because i threatened to search google for parrot stew recipes.

Haha who knew I would actually find a recipe for Parrot Pie

Here pretty birdie....here pretty birdie....

Just kidding Lydia LOL

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jumbo Game Piece Pack 100 piece mixed Lot

Available on my website

A mixed collection of over 100 game pieces from bingo cards, checkers, dice, playing cards, dominoes and more.

Vintage and retro items previously used.

You will receive a good assortment of 100 pieces similar items as shown in the photo.
Ideal to use for collages, altered art, jewelry and mixed media art projects.

Shades of Pinks and Browns

After a very long vacation my muse has come back.

Here are some art pieces I have listed on Etsy today

Mauve Innocence 4 x 4 with chain hanger:

Time waits for no one 5 x 7 with chain hanger:

Love me, 5 x 6 art piece with hanger and fringe (approx 14 inches long)

I am hoping to get more finished this weekend.

Thank-you for looking!

Wow!! That last Destash box went fast!!!! So I have listed another one on eBay

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm "Destashing" on eBay again this week.......Oh yeah sure like there is hope for me?

It's gonna take a lot of "Destashing" before I will ever be "DESTASHED"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Kenning Stone

A brand new artist on Etsy called Kenning Stone

actually I know her as Lydia Hildebrandt and she comes from where I live in Vita Manitoba Canada.
Although she is new to Etsy and new to selling on the internet, she has been an artisan crafter and inspiration to many in her own community and family since forever.

Lydia doesn't have a blog yet, but I am working her up to it (maybe by next weekend right Lydia?)
and I will gladly accept any comments here on her behalf and forward them to her blog when she is ready for them.

Please stop by her new shop and drool on some of her gorgeous new art so she feels right at home with the rest of us. If you are inspired to purchase a piece I know she will be very excited! I already have some of her art in my own collection and I know you will be very impressed with the quality of her workmanship.

Be sure to watch for more Kenning Stone updates coming here soon!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sunday, March 09, 2008

I've just added a pile of new collage sheets to both my website and my Etsy store. Just showing a few here for a preview, so please stop by when you have a chance!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

This is just a small sample of the huge bunch of Free Image Downloads I just added to my shareapic page,

Please go help yourself! Happy Creating!!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008


Well what can I say?......

Today I had a post that was of absolutely no relevance to my blog.

So....I deleted it.

This person then retaliated and left me over 30 comments. All the same, all very quickly and all very annoying.

I then went to my moderate comments and made the necessary changes to protect my blog from the small mindedness of this person.

Yes, it took me a few minutes to delete them all. (I hope you are happy Mr Spammer)

How sad is that? How sad is this person?

I am sorry that my fellow artists, friends and family must now resort to waiting for my approval before their post will show publicly.

Well, hopefully Mr. Spammer will tire of this idea and eventually I can reopen my comment posts publicly again. (oh and I bet you thought I was going to say who you were.... I wouldn't give you any plug after this good or bad)

To My Friends, Family and fellow Artists:
Please continue to leave your comments on my blog, I will approve them as quickly as I can get to my computer.

Oh and Mr Spammer, it's best if you just go away.

I have a very mean delete finger!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A couple more items added to my website tonight.

A set of 10 vintage stained papers in pink and brown combination only $2.49

These vintage tobacco tins , $2.49 each, I have limited stock on these so don't delay!

Thanks for looking!
These are the Easter items I have created for Shabby Cottage Studio. As a member of the Shabby Cottage design team, we were each given an Easter collage sheet from the website with a wonderful assortment of vintage Easter designs.

I had a set of metal baskets and the paper mache trinket boxes just waiting for these designs. I used a combination of Shabby Cottage Studio images with some of my own ephemera stash to create these pieces.

These items are now available for purchase on my website: Art and Imagesbykim

Thank-you for looking!


This seems to be the new catch phrase for Spring Cleaning. So even though it still isn't spring here by any means, and I haven't started the actual "cleaning" procedure, I am still destashing!

This lot of ephemera and altered art supplies went up for auction on ebay today. Did I say ebay? Yes, I have decided to go and give this auction a whirl over there and see what I can do with it.
Starting at a mere $5.99 opening bid.

This lot of items is well over 500 pieces and includes all kinds of paper, images, doo dads and more. You can read all about it on here

As well you will find many more pics for your viewing pleasure! Thanks for looking and Happy Bidding if you decide!