Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lydia aka Kenning Stone is now Blogging

Yeah you read it here first!!! She has joined us in this land of never ending. She is learning about blogging, linking, html, uploading, downloading and reloading.

Her head must be spinning tonight, but we had a great day together. She's officially blogging, and she also set up her page on DIYCITY so please check them out.

I think I actually saw that spider she talks about.
I think I will bring a swatter with me next time I go over there, just in case.... but she probably wont let me get it...... I think she likes him!

Ohhh yeah, and her bird isn't very fond of me either....maybe because i threatened to search google for parrot stew recipes.

Haha who knew I would actually find a recipe for Parrot Pie

Here pretty pretty birdie....

Just kidding Lydia LOL

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