Saturday, May 03, 2008

Floor washing, Blog and Blue Day

I usually wash my floor on Friday, but one thing led to another and here it is Saturday. It was one of those major days when every nook and cranny gets done. Luckily I did it the right way.....I washed myself right into the carpeted side of the house.

Now I am forced to wait for the floor to dry.
Ohhh well, ;) I guess I can either have a nap.....or blog, and since I am not really tired, here I am! :0

Today is also Blue Day!
Lydia and I are getting together for a workshop this evening
to play with art in shades of blue.
It all started when we both purchased a roll of organza wired ribbon in a teal blue. Then we didn't stop....we found papers, beads, and more beads and then more paper All to go with our new chosen ribbon.

The photo I took is of the initial pile of items that I have to work with. Lydia's pile is probably different than mine with exception to the beads and of course the ribbon.
We bought these items about 2 weeks ago and since then I have added a pile of items to work with including some wonderful vintage images.

The initial shades of blue started out in the teals but I have added more items in some true blue shades, and even a bit of mint greens.
I will post images tomorrow to show you what I did with my stash.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like agreat day was had..gotta love blue eh?