Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hello Everyone in Blog Land!
Welcome to Post # 95
Grab your coffee and be prepared, this one is going to be very winded!

First of all, I finally completed my tutorial on Embellishing Keys

How I turned these ordinary old house and car keys into........

These lovely finished embellished keys

You can read all about it on my Squidoo Lense called, of course... Embellished Keys
Full instructions and supply list there.
This was a very fun project and I can't stop making them.
Check out all of the other samples I made, pics are all there. Please do let me know if this tutorial works for you, and if you make any of these little lovelies yourself, I would love to see your finished pieces.

Next on my Blog List:

New Destash Lots listed on Ebay

300 pieces of beads, baubles, embellishments charms etc. starting at $3.99

32 Broach pins and 2 scarf pins for altered art projects starting at $3.99

500 pieces +++ ephemera Destash Lot starting at $7.99

Although I haven't actually completed my projects yet, I have started creating for Theme Thursday and Skinny Saturdays but I might not make it for this week's projects.
Lydia aka Kenningstone and I have decide this was the best way to push us to make new art items. So far she is doing fabulous, check out her blog, she's actually going to make another theme called Gothic Arch Sundays, you go artsy girlie!!!
Whew!!! That was a lot of linking, so please click away!

A few too many projects on the go this week including a wedding on Saturday of which I am the "main" photographer ( sheesh no pressure eh?)

So back to the topic Post 95:

Thank-you so very much for leaving your comments on my blog, please keep them coming and don't forget to invite your friends to come and comment too. Because if you send them and they tell, you both get another entry in my draw.

So far I have added one of my Embellished Keys in the Box along with the original goodies.
I'm stretching this out, and the longer I do, the more things that are going into the box.

Here are the entries I have so far:
Denise 1
Shari 1
Mercedes 1
Kat 1 (she's the one who convinced me to blog)
Sarah 2

Kathy 1
Connie 1

Well thats all for now, see you at Post 96 coming soon!!!



Kenning Stone said...

Kim, those keys are fabulous...you're right they would make great danglers for books. I will definately make some.

Altered Kat said...

Love the key tutorial! Very informative!...LOVE that green key (let me know when you list it)

...also, that's quite the destash of items!...I may have to go check it out!...esp. if the Pyrex dishes are included! LOL


Altered Kat said...

I have post #96!...TAG YOUR IT!...check out my blog :o)

Shari said...

Entry #2 for me :)

Jen said...

Love your blog! I stumbled across your blog searching for mixed media on google. I thought...I know that name...and went to check it out. I'm a scrapbooker..interested in the other side..and a fellow canadian! I have bookmarked your site.


Love your keys. They are magnificent!


Donna said...

please enter me! Thank you

Ginger said...

Kim i would have never thought of keys awesome clever!Oh yes the books outstanding!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the tutuorial..i love the keys....look forward to seeing you over at my challenge site skinny saturday.....