Tuesday, May 13, 2008

POST # 94

Hmmmmm....So.....Whaaat's in da box ????????????????????

I'm not really sure just yet, but I do have some time to think about it, and so do you!!!

This is post #94 that I have written on this blog, and although to some of you seasoned veteran posters this may seem like not much, it is a big deal to me.

I am almost at my 100th post!!

So it is time to celebrate!!!!!Whoo Whooo Hooo!!!

From now until the clock strikes midnight on the day of my 100th post, any comments will be added into a draw for a wonderful box of goodies.

It will be a box full of art things, handmade gifts, and some art craft supplies and there will be many other things I will add over and above the basics.
So every time you leave a comment, you will have another entry into the draw.
Do be sure to tell all of your friends too, and if they come and leave a comment, ask them to give your name too and you will both have another entry in the draw!

Link to my blog from your blogs, your websites or even spam email your friends.(if they let you)

The box will only get bigger as I go along, especially if I get loads of comments, I may even give you little peeksy's for each new post. I think I may even photog the whole box as I go along.
So have fun, do check in, and leave a comment!



Anonymous said...

ooo!! me me!! I will spread the 'word' too! Hugs Denise

Shari said...

Congratulations on almost getting to your 100th post!!! I agree that it is something to celebrate. I don't think it is silly to be excited. It's the little as well as the big things that make life interesting. I think that it is very fun that you wrapped your offering---I love surprises. Hope I win :)

Mercedes said...

Wow KIm , congratulations!!!!!!!!! I can imagine how you feel getting that number. It´s " so round " that it´s great to celebrate it.
I hope I am a lucky girl , especially beacause I ´m trying to add new things to my artwork.
Poor Spanish girls, we haven´t those nice shops as american.

Altered Kat said...

Congrats Kim! KEEP POSTING! :o)
I love seeing all you have to offer...I'm doing my part in spreading the word!



Sarah said...

Hi Kim
I just found your blog whilst i was surfing!!! Congrats on you nearing your 100th post. loved looking through your blog. Im off to browse around.

Hugs sarah xxx

Sarah said...

Hi Kim Oh wow that was fate eh?

Hugs Sarah xx

Kenning Stone said...

Congratulations Kimster....only six more to go....you can do it! I will be sure to tell allllll of my internet friends ;) Kenning Stone

Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

Well, count me in sister...Come on over to mine too, I am also having a give away. I love your goodies, and I will be shopping soon, I am almost out of little keys. Congrats on your "near" 100....

Altered Route said...

Congrats! Now I have to go see what number I am up to...lol!

Simple Journeys said...

I absolutely LOVE finding new blogs to add to my list, and I absolutely LOVE your blog! I will definitely be returning! And, what....a giveaway too?? Too good to be true! Count me in! Now I'm going to comment on today's post.