Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Project Box

Here it is, a cigar box filled with stuff......

Here is what is in the box, what a lot of junk eh?
I'll give you a closer look

There are 17 useless old CD's, you know the ones that come in the mail, and a few that are corrupted and a couple with scratches.

There is an old Kitchen Cupboard Handle

2 used Children Board Books

20 Disgarded Slides

An Empty Altoid Tin and 3 sealers from canning jars

Sorry no partridge in a pear tree, maybe it's in the next box....

These are my projects for the weekend.

I started making project boxes in an effort to clear away the piles of stuff from my work area that I was going to try someday.

I have about 30 boxes filled with weird stuff, recyclables, unfinished projects and doo dads.
I made a shelf in my studio that I piled these boxes on so that it looks neat and keeps everything tucked away.

The object of the project box is to choose a box and deal with it until it is done. I must deal with everything in the box including the box unless I can refill the box to clear off my table.

So this will be my first box to work with.

How convenient is it that I am going to a Scrappers Croppers Convention for a couple of days this weekend eh? 12 hours a day of creating!

So unlike the scrappers who take their lovely albums and beautiful children, pets, and holiday pictures, I am bringing this Project Box.

So do you think I am going to get a few raised eyebrows?

At the last convention I went to, I actually had women walking away from me backwards like I was evil or something. LOL

Anyway, I will post some new pics on Sunday or Monday to show you what I did with these items.

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Have a Very Creative Weekend Everyone!




Altered Kat said...

Who ate all the Altoids?! Dang!

Guess Who!?

Mercedes said...

Wow, 30 tins!! I know Altoids tins are apreciated between european stitchers to do cover with some needlework, just the right size to keep needles , little scissors, or just for the pleasure to decorate it.
I mean the rectangle Altoids tins. No seen here in Spain

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Ahhh, there you are! How very inventive, and challenging to yourself too! ;-)


Kenning Stone said...

Scrapbooking with a box of junk! Are you nuts? I'd like to join you.

Sherry/Cherie said...

This is a great way to challenge yourself and stay on top of your "stuff"...sooooo how many raised eyebrows were there when you displayed your "project"!?

Simple Journeys said...

Your project box is very intriguing. That is my kind of art--only I use mostly paper 'junk' for my altered books. Can't wait to see all the finished projects!

Shari said...

Don't know how I missed commenting on the last post! I try to check in every few days. Always fun stuff on your blog. I wonder, do you ever read mine???
-shari :)

Sarah said...

wow look at all those goodies i want to come and play...please

Gina2424 said...

Hi Kim! I rec'd one of your house from Jeri-nice to get one from a fellow SCDT member. Love your fabric boxes, too!

mosaic1 said...

Hi! I was blurfing and somehow landed here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rowhouses! So glad I landed here to see them! I'm also taken by the idea of the project box. Hmmm. Maybe I need to make up a few to motivate me with my "collections"!!
I've enjoyed your site.....the keys are to die for also!

Rosie said...

We really have to search for thos tims Kim!! In the UK they aren't too easy to come by!
I love the Houses you got back in the swap and mine were fantastic too! It was awesome - my first ever multi-swap!
I love your work... stunning collages. Off to see if the long-name-blog is up yet!