Monday, June 16, 2008

Ground Control To Kim, Earth calling Kim.......
Whewww!!!! Finally after several light years traveling around the many galaxies and the entire universe I am back on earth and posting on my blog.

It is amazing what you can get done in a Nano second in another universe and pathetic that it took me so long to get back here to my blog.

And if I actually think you believe any of this, then I am still somewhere in LALA's a very pretty place....ohhh so pretty.....

Well now that I am back, it is time to give you post# 98, only 2 more to go til my big draw and I tell ya....this box has more goodies then before. Keep your comments coming, remeber each one counts as another entry in the draw!

While I was off the internet, I managed to create some Art Card Kits and Book Art Kits.
These are currently listed on ebay and at a mere 7.99. You can read the descriptions and see all of the different colors on ebay. These kits have all the supplies to either make a pile of art cards in different sizes or a 12 sided art book.
Kits include papers, vintage book pages, recycled slide mounts, beads, buttons, fibres, ribbons and 2 sheets full of laser printed images all color coordinated to the rest of the kit, and more!

Most of the kits have over 100 elements. That's a lot of collaging!

Coral and Mint

Blue Teal

Pink Green Yellow

Burgundy Green

I' ve added one of these kits into my surprise goodie box for the draw, so hopefully someone will have some creative fun!

In my last post I mentioned I was going to a Scrappers convention. It was a ton of fun, tho I didn't get all of my projects completed, they have been started, just need the final touches on most.
At the scrap convention, I can't believe how much food they serve through out the day. I felt I was at a never ending buffet convention not a scrap convention. No sooner did one meal end, another one started. I don't think I could continue past the 2 days I was there, unless they started adding a workout session twice daily. But then again, great food, creating art, mixing with new found girlfriends and no work or housework?
Okay sign me up for the full time version!

My collage art was much better received this time around, I had far more interest and I felt not so weird. Maybe we will be able to have an altered art group soon. I had some interest from others so see what happens.

I also met a great gal named Linda Vich. She is a digital scrap designer and she has a website called Dreamscrapper. She designs digital kits, that you can download to your computer to create and print scrapbooks. The idea is similar to downloading and printing collage sheets but her's are the whole kit and caboodle.

I had a quick visit to her website and it kind of reminded me of going to an ice cream parlor with the scoops and many huge pails of ice cream.
The flavors are absolutely incredible, and the colors are gorgeous, in my mind, they even smell good too! I would be one of those people that holds up the whole line up cuz I can't decide which scoop I want! I bet you can't either, it's kind of a gotta have at least "two scoops" kit store!
Don't worry, of course they are all calorie free!!!! Do check it out!

I did manage to finish a few recycled CD's. Here are some samples below, I will be working on finishing the rest of the items later this week so hopefully I can show you more by the weekend sometime. One CD is sold, and the rest are listed on Etsy, I've already added one to my draw box too! But that one is just for the winner! :)

All the cds have hangers and danglers, you can see the full size images on Etsy. I've used a ton of those wonderful filigree embellishments from Kat, I hope she has lots because they are so much fun to work with!

Dragon Queen (SOLD)

Sunday Best

Lady in Red

Crimson Kiss

Amber Renaissance

Another thing I want to mention, is I had a comment/question from Shari of Creative Chatter asking if I ever visit/comment on other blogs (do check out her moo art too!).

Yes, I do visit blogs, some almost on a daily basis and others are weekly or biweekly but when ever I do get to your blog I tend to sit and read until I am caught up. I have approximately 90 blogs that I read. I don't always leave a comment because sometimes I just go for the read or I am not necessarily on my own computer and logged in plus with around 90 blogs, it gets a little much.

I also don't expect reciprocal comments on my blog either. A link or two would be nice.......
It just so happens that I am offering this draw so it is totally up to you if you want to be entered in the draw and the more you comment, the more entries you have.

But I have sometime this week so I will stop in to each of your blogs and leave you a comment.
So do make sure the coffee or tea is on, and you have some new art creations on the virtual walls for me to look at. Oh and a virtual cupcake would be nice.....calorie free of course...... :)

That's it that's all for today!
Remember, 2 more posts but don't ask me how many more sleeps, I may be off on another trip to LALA land or else visiting blogs for a couple of day.......



Simple Journeys said...

After reading this post I just have to say "WHEW!" So much activity, it left me breathless! Love the cd's.

Kenning Stone said... you got alot done there with your art...but....did you get your pots full of plants?

Sarah said...

wow busy busy busy busy

Attic Rat said...

I hope you had a lovely trip!

Fellow space cadette,

arlee said...

I love what you do to the CD.s, not something i've tried yet---yours are SPECTACULAR!!!!