Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oh Yes, yet another journey I went on this time I think it may have been LaLa Land......sigh, not enough hours in a day!

Finally I am displaying my Row house that I received back from the swap.
It's not that I received them late, just me posting them late.

Many Thanks to:

Ellen Gray

Gerdie Fisher

Heather Robinson

Laurie Blau-Marshall

Anne Sagor

Gloria H


Barbara Hagerty

Kathy Wasilewski

Virginia Madison

Next I would like to tell you about my new blog

And right now you are thinking "What? she's making a new blog? sheesh she can't even keep up with this one"..........

Art and Imagesbykim Free image of the day!

This new blog is a permanent location to house my free image downloads so with a simple click of a button I should be able to reasonably keep up. (alright, I may be a day or 2 late) But this is a site you are going to want to check back again all the time.

Make sure you book mark the site page, cuz the url is very long.

Art and Imagesbykim Free image of the day!

Happy Creating with these images!

And yes......this is post number 99, one more to go and it is going to be tommorrow for sure!!!!
This dragged on much longer than I ever wanted so I have a few little things to do in the afternoon and I will post number 100 by early evening.

So get your comments in to have another entry into the draw.
When I post tomorrow I will tally what I have for entries to this point.

The draw will be made and the results will be posted on post number 101!

see ya later!



Shelly said...

Well Kim, I am speechless. Your blog is fantastic and I enjoy your artwork and tutorials. I can't wait to print the instructions and make a couple of them.

Kenning Stone said...

Two things....I only count ten rowhouses, and I still really luv the keys.

Sarah said...

gorgeous collection of row houses they are all stunning!!!

kim aka imagesbykim said...

Row house # 11 happens to be yours LOL and I am saving that post for tomorrow! :)


Barbara Hagerty said...

Hi Kim, I LOVE your blog!!

And it's so much fun to see the row houses as they go up on everyone's blogs! I've said this so many times, but truly, every single house I've seen is fabulous! How lucky we all were to be a part of such a terrific swap!

I didn't get one of yours, but I would love to see them. If you took pics of them before sending them off, would you post them, too?? XOXO

paru's_circle said...

great houses.. hey.. you only took piccies of ten! thanks for the email