Monday, July 21, 2008

Steampunk.... the new buzz in Art

Steampunk, is it new?

Well no not really it's been around a few times in my own life time, but it is back and popular again.

If you are not really sure what steampunk is or what it is all about, then you really must go and read all about it on Kat aka AlteredKat's new squidoo lense called: Steampunk Art
I was so inspired and rejuvenated after reading her lense that I had to go and make a piece of Steampunk art.

Now a few years back we made art like this and called it trash art. Using a variety of found objects and mechanical parts, bits and pieces to create jewelery. It was easy going through my stash to find items to work with. LOL by now, you must think I am a weird collector of stuff? LOL

Do you remember that Altoid Tin that was in my project box a few weeks back? Well it became the perfect item for creating my new Steampunk art tin.

Decorated with a wire hanger to hang or drape, completely finished inside and out including the back and a wired found object for a dangle.
You can see more pics on ebay where I have this item listed.

Now, do you remember this old Cigar Box from my project box a few weeks back too? Also listed on ebay.

I am finally getting these items done tho it has taken a long time. Still a few items from that box left to do but should not be too much longer.

Here are more items I listed on eBay yesterday for my art listings for the week.

Paper roses ATC ACEO

Pretty birds 4 x 6 art card

Chained heart 5 x 7 art card

A wonderful artist I found on the net

If you have some time to spend browsing on the net, you really must stop and see this artist:
Pat Winter aka Gatherings 100

I first met her on Gail's new blog Mind Wide Open and her art was displayed for an art challenge. I fell in love with her vintage style and I have been drooling over the piece she entered for the challenge.

The Remembrance Box:

Be sure to stop by her blog to read more about it and see many wonderful art pieces she has created. She has links to some fun places.

And my blog just wouldn't be my blog if I can't share with you art that I now have in my own collection.

My personal collection of art from other artists is huge and yet I will always have room for more art from Lydia aka Kenningstone

My new art pieces from her include:

Pink House:

and Anuata Art Doll:

I have yet to see an art piece from Lydia that I do not love.

Go have a read and view on her blog for her latest art pieces before I start looking to purchase those new Roba Cards


Thank-you for sharing your wonderful talent, I want more please, .....I love it all!

And if you, my favorite blog readers still want more........

Stop by the Free Image of the Day Blog

and the Can-eh Featured Canadian Artist Blog Roll

for more more more!!!

That's it that's all for today,

Have a very creative week!



Altered Kat said...

kewl steampunk art Kim! and I love Lydia's house!...very cool!

Simple Journeys said...

Wow! What a jam-packed post! You really knocked yourself out on this one. Love all the things you are creating from your project box! Speaking of boxes--the tracking tells me the goodie box is now in the U.S.--just a few more days!!
Now I'm off to follow all the delicious links you left for us in today's post!

Kenning Stone said...

Wow....that's alot of shhhhhblogn' dare Kim! Thank you for all the kind words. The blog roll looks great...that must be alot of work right there. How do outsiders (non Can-eh? types)hook up with it? (Besides thru your blog). Yeah now I'm following simple journeys thru the link maze...ta

Heather Robinson said...

Oh how I have enjoyed meandering through your blog, checking out Lydia's, looking at your ebay and etsy stores. Your work is stunning and I can't wait to welcome a piece into my home. I have quite a collection of work from other artists too. Thanks for a very hilarious comment on my blog.

Paper Girl Productions said...

I love what you did with that cigarbox! How are you?!

catharinas-love said...

You have a wonderful blog !
Rini the Netherlands