Monday, September 15, 2008

Lydia's Reveal Art Challenge Blog

If you have not stopped by this art challenge blog you are missing out on a fun challenge site. Lydia's Reveal will challenge your creative muse.
Lydia sets the stage, she feeds your mind with the theme, and then your own thoughts and creativeness take over or perhaps these thoughts are really hers.........

Her challenges are bi-monthly, in any medium, size and artistic expression. You are welcome to participate whether you are a potter, a jeweler, a card maker.

Then, there is a voting for the best artist of the theme and a winner is chosen. The winner receives an award and free advertising for 2 weeks.

This first Challenge ends tomorrow night and the voting will begin on Wednesday.
Please stop in to view and cast your vote for the best piece. Also be sure to check out the next theme challenge due for the end of the month.

As usual, I am so very far behind on everything.

I created this digitally collage enhanced photo for Lydia's first Challenge Theme: Reveal

It is titled: She revealed her wings
She longs to have real butterfly wings and has settled for her tattooed wings instead. Everything in blue on the photo was added digitally including figuring the perspective of the tattoo on her back.
The photo is now printed to be completed into a dimensional collage art piece. When it is finished I will post a revised photo.

Although I may from time to time participate in Lydia's challenges for fun, I do not participate in the voting, because I am both affiliated with the site and Lydia's friend.

I have made some extra print copies and will finish 2 derivative versions, and one will be awarded to Lydia's challenge winner as an extra gift for participating in the challenge.

Now to let you know what else is going on in my real world......

Canning and preserving season is upon us and I must tend to my mountain of tomatoes for salsa, stew etc. Beets are done, hot pickled peppers are done, but I see many more days ahead of slaving over a hot stove. Every year I make a huge collection of canned goods only to have empty jars again in the new season. Where does it go? Who eats it all? I don't know but I keep making more.

If that isn't enough, my hubby is on holidays right now and we are renovating our bedroom and a spare bedroom with new paint colours, and new laminate flooring in the bedroom and main hallway. Right now my bed/sleeping quarters is in the living room and actually looks quite cozy. The rest of the rooms are in total turmoil. It's not easy to find the underwear and socks, we have taken to checking the clean laundry basket for what ever we want to wear. I am starting to see a pattern in our clothes choices.

And still more, I have company coming for dinner on Wednesday night. They are okay with the bed in the living room, LOL they are just coming for dinner. But I have a big meal to plan.

Can-eh? Can-Artistry is another venture for me and though I haven't been active on the boards for the last 2 weeks, I have been working behind the scenes in preparation of new phases to come. If you are a Canadian Artist, please join us on Can-eh? it's free and a great way to promote yourself and art.

This is all you get for tonight, please do stop in to visit Lydia's reveal and we would love to have you join in on the next challenge!

I'll be back soon!


5 comments: said...

She's gorgeous,Kim! I have a few tattoos myself (although I finally gave up on the idea of getting my wings). I'll definitely be looking for the finished piece to add to my collection!

Kenning Stone said...

Kim, this is a wonderful,unique subtle idea. I can hardly wait to see the finished cards - for real!
Thanks so much for getting her up.

Gerdie said...

wow I think it worked. Good job Kim

Simple Journeys said...

Kim, you make me tired just reading about all you have going on! Whew! Lovely card.

Mercedes said...

Beautiful! I will go there to check.