Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Studio what a mess!!!

Okay here it is but I am warning you now, this could be harmful to your eyes.
My studio is a huge mess because I really haven't been working in it except to throw something together or dump things into it. I am really hoping to get it back in shape over the next few weeks.

To me it looks a little bit like John and Kays but add a touch of tornado/hurricane and a sprinkle of always in a hurry and maybe a flock of about 50 fluttering Cathy birds and you may come close to understanding what a mess.

I would also like to add that this is absolutely NOT a reflection of my everyday housekeeping skills, in fact I have been told many times that this side of me is the evil inner child to the always extremely Anal Kim when it comes to housekeeping. LOL

View at your own risk
This is the long view 25 x 8 feet

This is sort of my art shrine that includes some of my collection from other artists, but it has become a dumping ground.

My table top, it's actually pretty clean right now LOL 4 x 6 feet

Rubber stamping, painting, staining, hot gluing, rivets, grommets,eyelets hole punching

embellishments, dimensional parts and weird other bits and pieces, you can see I am a little behind in putting stuff away.

Boxes above contain lace, buttons, specialty papers etc. I will take better pics when I get this cleaned up.

Beads Jewelry findings wires and more junk (okay I think I am getting really embarrassed now)

This is the far end of the studio where I do major cutting. You can see my chop cutter and sizzix machine (gosh I love that tool)

I try to keep ahead with cutting and die cutting for my kits, hence those little baggies of precuts on the wall.

Vintage books and more paper

Fibres and trim, and I still never have the right colors for a project.

Card stock and chip board, hmmm looks a little bit bare I think I have to stock up again

I really haven't shown you but half of it all but again I am embarrassed by how messy everything is so I will give you better pics next time.

Cathy, this is such a great and fun topic, I think I will move it to a permanent spot under Link Loo Loos very soon. This way we can all do updates and watch this grow. LOL

In final note, I hope this doesn't change your view of me too much LOL remember I did warn you....



Robin said...

What a fabulous space! You are very organized for the amount of "stuff" you have!!

Laura said...

This looks more like my work space. Whenever I have a blitz tidy I can never find things.

Julie said...

I stumbled across a picture of your studio on the internet and it led me to your blog....I'm following.

My space looked a lot like that (less about half the goodies though!) I just created in a tiny corner and hauled in more and stuffed it somewhere! Lol

My daughter got married and I obtained the GIANT room in the house for my crafts. Yippee. Now I have it (semi) organized AND I have room to haul in more goodies. :)
Here's my blog if you are interested. :)