Thursday, May 05, 2011

And the winner is........

Hi Everyone,

OMGosh, what a wonderful day spent blog hopping.

As I counted out who had what and how many entries in my giveaway, I spent time on everyones blog to confirm that yes they had posted or linked or something so that I could give all of the extra entries to you.

I have read about your families, and cute furball pets/babies. I have drooled over all of your lovely art projects, printed out your recipes, listened to your music, entered in some of your own contest giveaways and became followers of some of your blogs too. Then some of you insisted that I visit your friends blogs because they too were so wonderful. At times I must have had 20 browser tabs going at once with over lapping music. It was Chaotic delight!
My head was just spinning and I tried to stop, but each blog I went to teased me with yet another lovely morsel of color and visual eye candy!

So below is the list of entries allotted for each person. Then I wrote them out on paper and dumped them all into a bowl and hubby drew the winners name.

I wish I could have a box for everyone, well I could, but I cant afford the shipping.

In sort of the same order as was posted, if I missed giving you an entry it may have been that I couldn't find it, or just forgot. I realize this was a big task to confirm referrals and trace back the steps to each blog. But the list below stands as the official list of entries. My appologies if I missed one of yours.

Jean Roman 7
John Dyhouse 16
Jules 4
Sharon 1
Craft Attack 3
Brigitte 1
Tee 19
Jean Callaghan 2
Missiemarie 6
glitterbird 1
NancyY 7
Pat Upton 11
June 2
Janet 1
KimB 2
Cranky Queen 4
Shannon 2
Barbara 4
Stampdiva 2
Scavenger Art 3
Singtatter 1
Arthodgepodge 3
Mywishcraft 2
Amy 1
nickandkatherine 1
Tammy 5
Okanagan Spirit 1
Pixordin 6
Heather 1
Margorie aka babs 2
Kris 1
Elaine 2
Stampersue 3
Sokat 1
dawn13 1
Linda 7
artistamyjo 7
Mosaic Magpie 4
RonaGregory 1
catscrapper 2
Sunshine Shel 2
peggyaplSeeds 5
Birgit 2
Cebelica 2
Shelley 2
SharonA 2
Artangel 2

And the winner is..........

drum roll

drum roll

drum roll

artistamyjo blog is Art from the heart

I had a good laugh when I saw it was Amy Jo that posted a comment that she would take the cat!

LOL So I told Ratatooie that if he was bad I was going to ship him with the package to his new Fairy GodMother AmyJo, especially now that I will have her address!

Just kidding of course, how could Ratty ever be bad right? Just go look at his little face! But all the same he has a backup plan.....

I thank everyone for participating and for all of your fun and lovely comments. I am hoping to offer more of these giveaway boxes later on this year so do stop in and check. Will also be posting some of these boxes on eBay for sale in the near future.

If you can never have enough art and creativity to inspire you, why don't you stop by Paper Digital Art and Imagesbykim and join our forum for even more fun, challenges, freebees, giveaways and inspiration. I would love to have all of you there! Membership is free!



Ann said...

How wonderful!! I'm so happy for Amy!!! Congratulations Amy!!!.....and she would have taken your cat!!!!

artistamyjo said...

Omg !!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited!
What a wonderful give away. I'll make something wonderful to show everyone.
Thank you soooo much..and yes I'd settle for the cat.
Hugs, Amy

Jean Elizabeth said...

Cheers Amy!

Kim B said...

Congrats to winner! And that was such a wonderful giveaway. Happy Weekend.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

congratulations to the very blessed winner!

artistamyjo said...

I am so delighted with my wonderful package that I won. It's just like Christmas,but I didn't have to trim the tree....someone did it for me. Thank you Kim for a truly delightful treasure box full of happiness.
You have made my summer by providing so many gems to create my art. I am still picking my way through the box and just keep saying, OMG, OMG!!!!
Hugs, Amy