Sunday, June 19, 2011

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New store items posted

Just added a couple new products to the store:

Scrabble tiles set of 12 comes with bonus images

12 piece ATC/ACEO chipboard blanks comes with bonus Vintage book pages

Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Title: Exotic Sash Hanging 5 x 7 collage mixed media art.
I started with a 5 x 7 chipboard and added a variety of vintage papers including the sheet music background. The laser print images is a reproduction. Then embellished wiht other design paper, some fringe trim along the bottom, and the 2 tone ribbon in copper and teal that matches the sash in the image.
The embellishments in matching teal and copper color are hand made using a trash to treasure collage technique ( that I will someday do a tutorial on.)
The top has a handmade black wire hanger then wrapped in additional copper wire and many copper tone swirls were added.
Finished length is approx 13.5 inches. This piece is available for purchase on my website under the Art - Standard sizes Category

Blog cleanup today!

Link to my blog

Hi Everyone,

Today is the day I decided to clean up my blog. It has been looking a little bit messy and unorganized for a while now.
As well I decided to go to every single link on my blog to make sure that everything was working.

So having done that I have wiped out all of my art links as so many of them were very out dated.

So if you would like to add my blog to your blog, I will be more than willing to do the same. Just leave me a comment to let me know who and where is your blog.

If you have a lovely blog image, all the more I will be happy to reciprocate either way by link or by blog image.

Link Html Copy and paste to Add my link to your blog, let me know and I will add yours to mine!


Embellished Gypsy Recycled CD art

Mixed Media Collage Altered CD Art Titled: Embellished Gypsy

Using a recycled CD, A variety of vintage and design papers, including the lovely Gypsy girl. Top and bottom are embellished with metal filligree pieces and wired and bead dangles. A hanger is made from antique goldtone chain with more beads incorporated into the top of the hanger.

Edges of cd are ink stained and enhanced with glitter and so are parts of the image.

She truly is an embellished beauty!
She is available for purchase on my website under the Art CD Recycles Category

Fall Colors Puzzle Piece

Made on a child's floor puzzle piece that measures approx 5" x 5"

First I painted the piece both sides. Collaged using some design background paper,and an Alfons Mucha laser print image reproduction. I embellished with some copper die-cut flourishes and some silk flowers and leaves.

A handmade black wire hanger for display tied with some shimmery fall color fibres. Finished length is approx 10 inches.

Available for purchase in my website under the Art Puzzle Shapes Category

Fabric wall hanging Little Princess

7138 Little Princess fabric wall decor

This wall decor measures approx 15" long from the top of the wire hanger to the end of the fringe.

The collaged fabric square measures approx 4" x 6"

Made with a variety of fabrics, pieces of a vintagetable cloth, and embellishments.

Edges are hand stiched using the blanket stitch and ditressed with ink and stain.

The image repro is of a sweet little girl.

Available for purchase on my website under the Made of Fabric Category

Art Tags Fall Leaves Copper Leaves

Two art tags made on very sturdy vintage book covers. Measure approx 2.5 x 5 inches and finished length with trim is approx 12 inches. These are lovely for gift tags, display, or for your altered art and scrapbooking projects. Both have laser print images from the Alfons Mucha collection.
You can find these available for sale in my Art Tag Category of my website.

4 x4 art square creations

More items added to my store. These are art cards made in a 4 x 4 art square and embelished with wire hangers for easy display.
You cna find these and more under the Art Squared Category in my shop.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New product - Distressed Ribbon

Hi Everyone,

Just a shameless little plug about my new website and new products.

I have been slowly building my new website

Its still under construction, but certainly "shoppable" if you are using PayPal.

There are just some of the links and tabs that havent been filled in yet.

Most of the products from my old website have been transferred over to the new site and there are many new products to come. I have really neglected my website, and personal blogs for some time now and its time to start getting back into doing what I love most, and that's creating art.

So for a start, below is a pic of some of the new distressed ribbons I have in my shop. Made from vintage fabric, these ribbons are lovely for creating all kinds of altered art projects and the lovely rolled ribbon roses that have been seen all over the internet lately. The color I am showing here is the Golden beige 2 yards on a book cover tag with a twine tie. Price is a mere $1.49
The tag can be used first to hold and display your unused ribbon and then later on you can stain, distress and embellish the tag to add to your altered art project. I love the twine tie, and these will look lovely draped in your studio or craft room for display and use.

There are 3 other colors available; Chocolate brown, Burgundy, and Moss Green. I still have to take pics of these colors but all are available for sale now on the website.

I used the distressed ribbon in the Chocolate Brown for making the ribbon rose tag in the post 2 below this one. I love making these flowers, and it takes very little ribbon or fabric to create them.

Stay tuned for regular posts about new products. I am hoping to post at least once a week something new and creative!

Thanks for looking!

Tag book of tags

Hi Everyone,

Another swap on PDA in the Tag you are it Group.

The challenge was to make a tag book with tags.

So I took it literally and did both. I made the book from stained and distressed manilla shipping tags. Then inside I created little pockets using "used" tea bags.

After you drink your tea, allow the tea bag to dry thoroughly and then cut along one edge and remove tea leaves. Tea leaves can be added to your house plants for nutrients, and then you are left with these lovely little pockets to add to your art projects. Plus they are already vintage stained from the tea!

Once I added the pockets, I then added smaller tags inside. Each pocket holds 2 tags.
There are 6 inside pages for a total of 12 small assorted tags. I have shown a few pics of the little tags.
Each tag has fibre or ribbon ties, and the book closes with a twine that weaves through each manilla tag.

Ends of twine are knotted so they dont come out of the book (yet long enough for easy maneuver of opening the book) and then pulled tight to make a bow. I added a wire hanger to hang the book or attach to another art project.
Then through out the book I lightly embellished with paper flowers and small rhinestone bling.

What a fun project! I hope my swap partner will enjoy this little book of goodies!

Thanks for looking!

Time to post some new art creations

Hi Everyone,

Here are some art pieces I have done for a couple of different art swaps on PDA Paper Digital Art ning forum.

This is page 5 for the Interpretations Book and pages group on PDA The theme for this page was Photogragh, I included a tag with the inscription about the photograph. Backside is completed with artist information and treated as another page so must be fully finished as well.
I used image reporductions, some designer papers for the backgrounds. Fabric frame is made from torn and knotted distressed fabric scraps, a combination of lace, and braid trim, and embellished with small paper roses. Backside has a vintage auto gasket used for the frame. Roses on the tag are hand made and rolled with fabric strips. Entire piece is distressed with a variety of inks and stains.

An ATC/ACEO artist trading card made for the ATC group on PDA for both challenge and swap with another partner. The theme was Journey and written on the back I wrote: A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. (author unknown)
I used a vintage map background, a lovely gypsy girl image reproduction,ribbon, braid, fibres, and beaded trim. Then attached the found little vase charm.

I can hardly wait to see the swap pieces I will receive back from both of my partners!

Thanks for looking!