Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog cleanup today!

Link to my blog

Hi Everyone,

Today is the day I decided to clean up my blog. It has been looking a little bit messy and unorganized for a while now.
As well I decided to go to every single link on my blog to make sure that everything was working.

So having done that I have wiped out all of my art links as so many of them were very out dated.

So if you would like to add my blog to your blog, I will be more than willing to do the same. Just leave me a comment to let me know who and where is your blog.

If you have a lovely blog image, all the more I will be happy to reciprocate either way by link or by blog image.

Link Html Copy and paste to Add my link to your blog, let me know and I will add yours to mine!



Ann said...

oh my! aren't you industrious!! I've added your button to my blog. I've been a follower!! feel free to add my blog badge if you'd like!

Heather said...

Finally figured out how to do this. Even managed my PPF badges.
Your blog is looking good.