Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Piles of Stuff - New things added to the web site store

Today is a very warm day in Manitoba so I am trying my best to stay cool. the house is fairly cool, we don't have air conditioning, but lots of fans and very good air movement throughout the house. As well, our basement is very cold, so by turning on the furnace fan it seems like an air conditioner blowing lightly through the vents.

I finished up my course studies for the day and just couldn't make myself get into the next chapter, there is only so much I can absorb in one day.

Then it was the question of now what do I do? I didn't really want to start a new art project because I knew I wouldn't finish it for sure.

So I was looking around in my office at all of the little piles of stuff and decided that maybe I should clean up a little pile or two.

Piles, that is what I do, I make piles of stuff. Stuff that has to be packaged, stuff that has to be photographed, stuff that has to be labeled, stuff that has to go down to my studio, and on and on and on....until I am over run with little piles of stuff everywhere.

Outside of my office and studio, I am a fanatical housekeeper, I make myself sick actually. Nothing can be out of place.
If a pet flies through the house too fast and turns the floor rug, I have the need to straighten it. Things have to be put away, and I can't stand anything on the counters.
I don't know what it is, but I even have to sort my Tupperware drawer when things get unruly in that drawer. Freezer, cupboards, even the dining chairs must be perfectly aligned. I could go on and on......Sick eh? Yeah I know, it's an OCD thing...

But when it comes to my office and studio I am always working in a heap of a big mess.
Usually in my studio there are piles all over the floor and I only have 1 foot of work space on my 6' x 4' work table. My office is the same, I have paper everywhere, things to scan, shipping supplies, and way too many books, along with the many piles of stuff currently all over the place. Some things are teetering to the point of a vision of an upcoming disaster if something should slide or a pet should fly in.

Even one of the cats is disgusted with me, usually he likes to lay on my shipping table, but there isnt any room for him. He comes in sniffs, looks around and leaves. I even tried moving something for him to lay down but he looked at me as if to say "I am just going to end up as another pile of stuff".
I would take pictures, but it is horribly embarrassing and I have no Idea what has happened to me.

So anyway...I have decided to clean up a couple of piles and list a few more things on my website for sale. This of course required taking pictures and packaging things. That meant hauling things to the dining room, setting up a place to take pics, and then hauling everything back into my office.

The cool part about it, is once it is packaged, I have a very organized set of clear tubs for all of my products for sale. Everything is anally labeled, and neatly organized on shelves along one wall of my office right above the "would be cleared shipping table" if the rest of my organizing skills would fall into place. So hopefully a little bit every day will get things back in line again. I do have most of the month of August off so I am looking forward to cleaning this room.

Here are a few items listed in my www.imagesbykim.com website for sale.

Packages of 20 chipboard pogs for 99 cents
Includes the plastic sleeve for easy storage and organization (LOL yeah sure listen to me eh?)

Set of 20 Vintage buttons large sizes up to 1.75" diameter $1.99
Set of 30 Vintage buttons 1" - 1.5" $1.99
Packages of 12 piece Bamboo tile beads 4 x 3 colors. $0.99 cents /pkg
These come with bonus variety of images for collage.
Set of 6 assorted mini handmade crochet doilies. $1.99/set
Cute eh? My Aunt makes these for me and she keeps asking me if I have sold any yet, I hope you like them and they sell quickly.....

Surprisingly, this is a couple of piles that I cleared up. I will be posting more yet today as I start the next pile right away.

Thanks for looking, and listening to my little rant.
Happy creating!


Anonymous said...

Not only do I have all sort of precarious piles in both my office and studio, but just enough have page protectors on them to make sliding a regular occurrence!
In addition, I seem to become paralyzed at the thought of attacking the mess--so I can't find things. Odd for someone who worked in college as a biographical search section librarian...
Thankfully, I am getting more compelled to at least clean and organize the rest of the house, and since my heart trouble, I am "supposed to not get sick"--so I am germophobic.
My 2 greatest challenges are storing all my son's things that he wanted to keep while in Japan, and 2 dogs who track in leaves and fly through the house, dragging out their toys, running through my things, etc. Plus my husband tracking in and out from mowing the lawn, etc. (We DO have doormats!) I swear I could swwep and mop the floors 2 or 3 times a day and the next day they would be just as bad!

I also have a hard time deciding what to keep and what to let go. But I am MUCH better than I used to be!

Jean Elizabeth said...

I love piles of stuff, especially those little doilies!