Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fibers/Fibres and Vintage Postcards

Fibres/Fibers for sale on my website!
These fibers are so delicious! A variety of textures, chunky, mottled mixed colors sold in color themes and in bulk.

A 3 pack with 5 yards on each spool for a total of 15 yards (45 feet) for just 3.99

Or if you would like to have a 100 yard assortment of 20 spools with 5 yards each you can purchase the bulk lot for $19.99
Stop by the Fibers Category to see all of the options available!

I have also started to update the Vintage Postcard Category. There are loads of postcard sets, some with the original stamps and dating back to the early 1900. A variety of themes awaits you!

Perfect for all of your altered arts, collage mixed media work as well as fun for the collector! Do check in often as I will be updating this more as time permits! I have piles of postcards to scan and upload!