Monday, March 19, 2012

Asian Paper Packs - Ephemera 100 pcs - Free Collage Sheets

Hi Everyone,

This is a mixed post of items.

I just created a new Asian Paper pack.
This is a fun collection of paper ephemera.
You will find an assortment of Asian Designed Joss Paper and Hell Money

*********Every Assortment is slightly different in colors or different papers************

Plus as a bonus, I will include a collage sheet of 16 vintage reproduction images of Asian women. (Thats over 40 pieces in this pack for art creations!)

Because I made a few of these packs, they are available on eBay , My Etsy shop, and of course, my website!

I sold my last Ephemera 100 pieces lot on eBay and so I made up a new lot. This is also available on E-Bay
And if you like free stuff, I just uploaded 10 new collage sheets to my Free Collage Sheets Blog. These sheets are for you to download to your computer and print and use as you like.

Thats it for this post! Have a very creative week!

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