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Samplers from the Distressed Paper Tutorials

Samplers from the Distressed Paper Tutorials

Posted by Kim Newberg - September 26, 2016 1:06 PM
Hi Everyone, Here are my finished distressed paper samples I had created in my Distressed Paper Tutorials Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Coffee filters and tea bags

Shipping tags including before and after

Paper Doilies and Candy cups

Stained fabric with coffee and pink dye

Here are the makings of a simple altered book page

Envelopes notice the cd envelope, this will be great for a round CD card

Still have to cover that ugly text both front and back

Paper Bags stained and coffee stamped

Coffee stained and Olive oil stamped

Darker coffee mixture

Teabag staining, inked edges and coffee stamped

Blotter paper that looks like great distressed paper! Total Accident! LOL

Here is the paper that was on the blotter paper

Stained and scented with vanilla and cinnamon

Pink and Brown text pages
The round ring impression comes from resting an object (bowl) while wet.

Assorted techniques

Bleached cardstock with and without paint wash

My favorite, stained paper towels

Here is an art piece I created using some of the distressed paper with other found objects and recycle bits:
Titled" In my world I am King of recycle and reuse.
Created on a 4.5 x 7 matte board I used a vintage image, my background
paper is the original black that was distressed with bleach and copper
paint. I then used a variety of the ephemera from collage sheets
including the coins, rusty name plate, and the King's crown. I added
some glitter for gems on the crown.
The rusty items, I used a bottle cap, a rusty nail with
beaded top for his royal scepter, 2 paperclips hold a paper coin roller
(actually glued) this paper holder holds a tag that has two pull tabs
glued on each side and strung with a fibre tie. When you pull the tag
out, one side says recycle, the other side says reuse.
A couple of other bits used were some kind of metal piece and a broken part of a ruler.
Backside is finished with distressed music sheet, title and artist info.

There you have it! Enjoy!

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