Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Paint Chip Art Swap

This is an art swap I participated in called Paint Chip swap.

There are a total of 18 participants, so I had to make 18 original pieces using the cards. The cards were approx 5" x 6"
Each piece was created on the back of a paint chip card and the theme was based on the names of the paint colors.Unfortunately for me, when I took the photos of my pieces, I forgot to write down the theme names I used. I remember most of them but some might be a little bit off of what the actual titles are. You can see them with the titles here

The completed pieces are sent to Jeri, aka An Artful Gathering, the Swap Host for sorting and assembly into bound art books, each participant will receive an art book of 18 assorted pieces from all the different artists involved.

Below are my creations for the swap. As always, very heavy embellished with found trinkets and objects. Lots of dimension.

I enjoyed making these little creations so I have decided I will create more for sale in the near future.
Thank-you for looking

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