Sunday, April 22, 2007

Altered Art Pocket Folders in sets of 4, I have 5 different sets listed on Ebay, more cabachons and pendants lots of different combinations also on Ebay.

These little bingo cards are just the cutest at only $1.29 for a 10 pack with 10 chips on my website.
That's all you get for today, no more no more!
Back from my walk, wow and this is the 3rd post and I'm still not finished today.
Here are some pics from our adventure. We walked just over 3 miles.

Most of the fields are black and all the brush and small grass is burnt away

This is the old farm house, nothing left but the basement and chimney

More burnt out junk left on this farmsite

Look way way down there, still another mile and a half home. Did you know that Manitoba is pretty flat? We have some rolling hills further North but not here. We are part of the Canadian prairies

Nothing like a cool swim at the half way point. Brrrr

And a little garter snake for Jessie's amusement, yuk!

Well now I must start listing on ebay and my website so I will stop in one more time with a few art pics.


I'm baaack!! Twice in one day? Don't fall over now!
Here is the pic for the free download of the week on my website. A rust background. I love the colors in this image, and excellent background for distressed items. I have used it for jewellery backgrounds with goldtone accessories.

So I still haven't heard from Laurie my last winner, I left her several messages on the ZNEtalk site and even a few hints but she is either very busy or very busy LOL I guess I will just have to go and leave her a couple of messages on her blog, and now I am pulling another new winner!

Drum roll...........Astrid aka easy journey is my topic comment winner! Yay Astrid!

Astrid is added to my blog links, and I went this morning to read her blog, I was so inspired by her art. Her art cards are very beautiful. Astrid, someday I would love to do a trade with you.

But for today, you are my winner and if you would let me know if you would like art or ephemera sent to you. Also need your mail addy. You can email me privately through ZNE.

Another blogger I love and added to my links is Mel aka Mel's lazy Dayz, I loved the music playing in the background, her latest topic, she talks about getting outside on the weekend, I think I am about to do that. I'm going to take the dog for a walk and take pics of the burnt farmhouse. So maybe later today I will be back again. LOL

What a ride!

I have had the most roller coaster ride for an entire week!

It started on Monday with a trip to a "specialist" dentist to have a retreatment on a root canel. You know what that means eh? Yeah, they had to remove the old filling, the old root canal and replace with a new root canel and temporary filling.

Two hours later with a major ache in both my head and pocket book, I was done. Oh course, this specialist is not covered by the dental plan, and now I am separated from $1072.00 I already didn't have. Sheesh!

Now I must head back to my regular dentist and get the permanent filling and then a cap. I am still having some pain so I'm not exactly in a hurry to go and do it right away but can't put it off for too long. At least that will be covered by insurance. I should have gone to dental school......why didn't I listen?

So that was the down swing of the ride, then came a fabulous up swing on Tuesday....I was honored to be the Spirito Di ZNE for the day. Wow, what a nice surprise! Thank-you everyone for all the wonderful comments. LOL I think I might be the one giving the prize for the month, so that is kinda funny for me!

Wednesday I worked in another town for my gov job which is nice because I can go shopping afterwards. However my hubby phones from our neighbors house because the whole area of our homes is on fire. We had major grass/bush fires all around us. The fires came right up to my neighbors driveway. An old neighboring farmhouse burned to the ground. Maybe today I will go and explore and take pics of the remains. We were lucky there was a wind change, and the fire fighters were there too, otherwise it would have hit a very tree'd area near our house and who knows if I would have had a home to come home to.

Thursday I worked in town at my other job and went home mid morning to check on the smoldering grasses to make sure everything was still okay. Other people were checking too so I was able to stay at work for the rest of the day. Luckily everything did get under control but it sure is black and bare now all over the place. I uploaded a pic to show you the burnt out yet still smoldering fields very close to us.

So that was a looooong ride down!

Friday I hit the bottom, it was a day off but I was so disappointed because I didn't get anything done all week for ebay or art. I walked around and moped all day, not sure what to do with myself. I couldn't concentrate on anything. I think it might have to do with the V Tech shootings too! My heart and prayers go out to all of the victims and families as well as those that have survived this terrible tragedy. I don't know exactly what to say, I have never been very good with handling those things so I tend to just clam up and go off in the corner. I'm very sorry.

Saturday I seemed to come out of my slump and created some art pieces. I think this might have been a cleansing day for me. I stayed off the computer, and worked on things one at a time. Hubby (paramedic) had to stay at the hospital last night because it was very foggy and raining. Our road turns to muck in that kind of weather. Just as well, because he had a couple of emergencies through the night so I was happy he didn't have to drive like a maniac down our road. He still has to work all day today, he's gonna be one tired puppy when he gets home tonight!

So I think yesterday, I may have drowned in my own tranquility for I am feeling refreshed and happy this morning. Unless, of course I am about to hit the top of this coaster again?.......anyone want a free ticket?


I will be back in a bit to make my topic draw and upload my image of the week!



Saturday, April 14, 2007

Good Saturday Morning to all!
Here are two new downloads for my free weekly downloads on the website. The postcard with roses has a blank banner in the centre to add your own sentiments. The other image is an ATC background with rounded corners ready to add your own images and embellishments. If you don't have enough embellishments, or laser printed collage sheets, there are plenty of different designs here to choose from.

And almost every art item I sell on my website comes with additional free ephemera. In no time at all , you will have plenty of goodies to work with!

Speaking of "Free" ephemera, today is a great day to pick a topic comment winner, and I's coming, it's coming......

Laurie aka Living Out Loud wooo hoooo!!!! Do check out her blog, I think she is having a great week, meeting up with an old friend in an unbelievable place! I love that story!!!! Laurie I will definitely need a follow up on that story! Be sure to send me your mailing addy and also let me know your preference, art or ephemera!

Be sure to leave your comments on each topic, even if you have won before. I need a reason to keep writing and clearing off my workspace!

Well much to finish off this am, and then off for an afternoon of shopping/scouting.

Hope to catch ya all tomorrow!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Well I finally did find a couple of Easter Goodies left by that darn cute Bunny ;)

So after devouring the cadbury egg and biting of the head of my Lindt Chocolate bunny I was ready to get to work!

Finishing production went well, and I spent the day photoging and listing on ebay many new items.

The above photo is a sample of many sets of charm/pendants I did for this week.

Some sets are assorted, some are themed: flowers, nudes, music etc.

These could be used as charms or embellishments, or strung with cord for pendants or any other type of jewelry creating. Size is .75" x 1.5" and approx .25" thick.

Starts with a wooden base, vintage photo repros and many coats of a nice epoxy give a very high gloss glass like finish.

Also did a huge bunch of art items, including some miniature collage art hangers. This is called In My Lover's Arms.
I have been doing many art items with a Romance theme lately.....
must be the spring air or something....... :)

I had a heck of a time getting here again today. seems like the links were all dead for about an hour, probably just me.

Well, no comments to my last post, not even from my favorite commenter, :) where are you lately? Is the M still there? :) So no draw for that post, I even gave you all an extra day.
Hmmmm come to think of it, I still havn't heard back from Anita either.

That's it for today, I'll be looking for a comment winner again soon.

hugs to all


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring Greetings and Happy Easter

Yes, I think spring is finally on the way and tho we celebrated a very small easter gathering last week with our family, I am still hopeful for that little chocolate cutie to mysteriously appear somewhere in this house. I've been doing a sniff test everywhere today but came up with nothing so far...... :(

With spring, of course comes spring cleaning so I have been doing stuff around the house and rearranging my website for spring too.

I have changed all of the colors on my website, don't laugh it's kinda bright but hey change is good right? It will only stay until I get bored anyway, or until I have too many bad comments from customers and friends. I also have a few items on sale so check it out if you have a chance.

I am very happy to say that I did get a very big easter bunny surprise......

I now have high speed satelite internet.

For those of you that can still remember dialup, you can only imagine the bunny dance I did this week. But I am still expecting that chocolate bunny.

High speed internet sure makes everything easier. No more time outs, and long waiting for downloads and uploads. Maybe now I will actually post a few more pics.

In celebration of my new internet, I have added a weekly free download to my website and I have posted 15 images to bring me up to date for this year. Now each week I will add another free image to the collection. These images are free to use in your artwork for resale, and come from my own personal collection. In fact this image shown is one of the free downloads.
Most are perfect size for doing altered art, collages, art cards and more.

Been busy making some new art items, and will post more info tomorrow.

My blog comment winner for the last post is Anita, wooo hooo!!!!

Now I will try to track her down to see if she would like art or ephemera.
Be sure to keep adding your comments, I got a lot of stuff! LOL
Happy Easter to all.......may you find all of the little chocolate eggs hidden in the couch before they are melted or squashed. :)
aka imagesbykim