Thursday, June 17, 2021

Collage boards in a Magazine

Hi everyone, 
I have been absent so much while I pack and purge my house in an effort to sell the house and move to New Brunswick. We are fast approaching our deadline. The house goes up for sale on June 28th and we already have ppl waiting to put in offers. While I am excited that things are moving along, I am also terrified that it may change things so quickly right? My stomach is filled with butterflies and flip flops every time I think about things for too  long.
So in an effort to stay creative and reduce my stress, I try to meet up with my gal pals on line almost every Wednesday evening for a couple hours of chatting and creativity. The world sure has changed since Covid came into our lives. Yet we have managed to find ways to adapt and carry on. 
When we meet on line, I usually hook up in my office as to not disturb Tom with our loud chattiness. Sometimes several of us can be talking at the same time. But, I don't have a lot of room in my office so I work on collage boards. Its gluing and tearing paper and arranging bits to create a page.
I work in a magazine, I used to just make one page sheets or glue several pages together, but this is so nice and compact.
I pick an old magazine and start at the back of the book. The book lays flatter, and then I can paperclip papers into other pages as I find related items.
When I work on a page I start with scraps of book pages and then I take colour or theme related items and glue over top until the page is full. On the opposite page (left side) I glue blank type papers. This becomes the back of the next page. When I am done I move forward onto the next page and start again.
What is nice about working in a magazine, is that the pages stay in there until I need one and I can go back and forth between pages adding more things as I find bits, as well as add more stuff to use in the up coming pages.
When I take a page out to use, I usually cut up for tags and journal cards. They are thick enough with the backs completed. I embellish and often sew around the edges. On occasion I will die-cut shapes from these boards or make snippets too. Careful! Extremely addicting!
Some pics of boards I recently finished and last pic is showing you the clipped items ready for gluing another page.