Monday, November 30, 2020

Blog giveaway box Day 3

Hi everyone, here is what I've added to the box today. Remember that leaving comments on this blog and on Facebook gets you an entry into the draw to be made Dec 23. You can enter on facebook once per day for each of the groups I belong to where I am sharing this post. Plus each day on my blog posts related to this draw.
Going in the box today:
A  baggie of vintage slides, some die cuts, trivia cards, several rubber stamps both acrylic and wood. Wood embellishments, llama stickers 2 vintage silk floral corsages, some coffee filters, a bag of pearl beads, a bag of metal keys, some bingo cards and a few other little things.
So here is everything packed
and here is what the box looks like today. Still lots of room way down there.  Stay tuned for more more more!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Blog giveaway box Day 2

Hi everyone, I had a very good response to my giveaway box so far, and today I am adding more to the box. Every comment and  share per day up to Dec 23 gets you another entry in the giveaway box. I've also decided to add Facebook comments as another entry (1 per day per group) I am sharing this post within several groups so if you are a member of more than one of the groups you can comment on them all for entries into the giveaway. 

So here is what I've added to the box today.

Vintage greeting cards, a pile of landscape photos (great to cover and make into journal cards) a pile of miscellaneous papers,  a bag of assorted bits, some paper bags, and a pile of ribbons trims.

This is a whole tray full of scrapbook bits and pieces, lots of embellishments. There will be lots of fun surprises in this tray, all packed into a large bag.
Everything bagged up to go in the box.

As you can see, a long way from full!!! Stay tuned for more added maybe tomorrow. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

Blog giveaway box

Hi Everyone,

Well I think it has been years since my last really big giveaway and so after doing some purging today I decided this was a good time to get started on a huge huge huge giveaway. My husband Tom and I are moving cross country in the spring (from Manitoba to New Brunswick) so I am slowly purging through all of my craft/journal/scrap supplies and anything I don't want is going in the box. This box will be made up of ephemera, vintage, antique, retro, mag cutouts, book pages, new and used stuff, linen, doilies lace ribbon, tickets, envelopes, jewelry, jewlery parts, charms trinkets baubles, paper all kinds and more more more as we go along. This box will have new items added every other day as I have a chance to sort out more stuff. I will keep this going until Dec 23rd, and on Dec 24th I will pick a winner and the box will be mailed out shortly after Christmas. If I fill up the box before Christmas, I will start a second one and then there will be 2 draws....and so on...


1. If you want to get an entry into this draw, you must leave a comment on the blog post. 1 entry per my post. There will be at least 20 posts for this draw so easily you can get 20 entries.

2. Share my post and let me know where you shared it. If you look at the bottom of the post, you can share on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Every post and every place gets you another entry. So if you share this post 4 times = 4 entries. But you do have to tell me where in a comment below, otherwise I can't check and I can't add it to your name.

3. I will accept entries from Canada and USA. If you are from another country and willing to pay the postage, I will be happy to send to you. But it will be expensive no doubt!

4. If the box fills before Dec 23, I will start another box. Entries from box 1 will go into box 2 so all your entries starting today give you more chances.

5. There is no cost to enter, and no cost for shipping unless you are not from Canada or USA. However if you are more than happy with what you get, I sure wouldn't turn down a few dollars to help offset the cost of shipping, if you can.


Below is box 1, empty measures 13 x 13 x 17 inches. There are pictures of what is going in the box today. A whole freezer bag of ephemera, and 3 magazines. The gazebo mag has some pages missing but great for signature pages. Please dont ask me to list everything, its impossible but what you see is what you get (except I took everything out of that little box and packaged it into the freezer bag.

3 magazines
This box of vintage ephemera (box removed) items are packaged in a freezer bag. 
cancelled cheques, matchbooks tickets, receipts, a couple of typed letters in Italian (I think) prescription papers, magazine adds and cutouts and more. 1950's and more.
Still way down there on the bottom, lots more to fill this box.  
Thats all for today, please leave your comments below, stay tuned for more to come!
Kim aka imagesbykim 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tip of the day -Glitter Thread

Hi everyone,
Just a little tip for you.
I bought this package of metalic thread at the dollar store 8 rolls for $1.25. To my surprise, it will work in my sewing machine. It is very fine thread, so double stiched through my project so that I could see it. It gives a very light shimmer of glitter. Very nice. Not going to show the piece i sewed cuz you wont see it well enough anyway. But in person very pretty with that hint of glitter. The thread does snag and break easy, so a little annoying to have to re thread often but the results are worth it.  Price for this is pretty cheap if you are looking for an alternative. I will mostly use it for hand stitching beads but like that I can use in my machine too!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Boho winds journal

 Here is a video link to my latest journal in the consignment shop of Liz from The Paper Project

Monday, November 16, 2020

Best tool ever invented - the needle threader.

I was working on some beading this morning and struggling to thread the needle. I of course kept trying, cussing like a drunk sailor and stubborn and determined to thread it. I could barely see the hole, and you know when you cut the thread and there is still that little hair of fibre that just gets all bendy, right? Whaaaa! So finally I went to the sewing box and got out the needle threader. Omgosh, why does it take me so long to use this little tool that makes life sooo easy?
 Now back to my beading... I'm using silk flowers that I pulled apart and beading with a very old pearls from a necklace onto lace and fabric. These will be used in a book someday. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Beads Buttons and Sequins, the finishing touches.

Hi everyone,
Yesterday in the afternoon I worked on fabric snippets. I sewed like a mad woman, and my machine purred like a kitten. My machine loves when I actually sew with fabric, not always happy when I'm sewing papers and cardboard. I made several lengths of snippets in different designs. All that is left is to hand stitch the buttons beads and trims. I am enjoying my coffee,  watching a couple of videos and stitching away! Each item is sewn on with double knots so that no matter how you cut it up things will not fall off. Sorry, I cant show you the snippets until my exchange partner gets hers. Our exchange is for a piece that is 12 inches long fabric or paper, but I made mine all more than double that so I would be able to keep some of what ever one I send. Sometimes it's hard to part with them right? Should have these finished soon and maybe work on a few more this afternoon. I'll be sure to show you pictures as soon as she has received hers.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Scrap busting Saturday

Scrap busting Saturday for me. Journal cards made from bits and pieces in a scrap baggie. Using greeting/playing/recipe cards as a base. I sorted by theme/colour lightly glued and sewed after. Made writing backs to strengthen and to cover anything on the back. 

 What's in your scrap stash?

Friday, November 13, 2020

Crafting with eyes wide open - Shabby rolled roses

The title of this blog post is Crafting with eyes wide open. I think I will use this to share different re-purposing ideas for you to use for creating some of your junk journals and crafts. It always amazes me what I find in my home to re-purpose into my journals.

 Today was a good day to go through my closet and clear out some old clothes. I had this green top that has seen better days getting a little worn out. It is too shabby to send to the thrift shop so I decided to cut it up. Some of it will be made into a journal cover and pockets. The front bodice is very decorative to use for trims and the back has a small piece of green lace that I know will be used somehow in a journal. Can you guess what the colours of my next journal will be?

As I was cutting this up, I cut off the elastic bottom band of the top so that I could then lay it flat to cut up. I took one look at the fabric covered elastic and I knew that I could turn it into some shabby rolled roses. I am able to get 6 roses from this piece of elastic. I just got out my glue gun and rolled and glued them up in no time at all.
Stay tuned to see the rest of this top remade into a journal soon.
This next photo is the piece I will use for a journal cover.
Here is the pretty lace trim from the back with the 6 complete flowers laying on top. I will add some kind of bling or a buttone in the centre when I actually use these and maybe make some velvet or satin leaves or something to go with them.
And here is the front bodice, lots of detail. So pretty to use inside the journal. Even the cord ties will be used.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Finished project

An hour later and I have finished beading this fibre snippet. It is approx 18 inches long. To be used in my "I dont like purple journal personal challenge". Each bead and sequin has been double knotted on both front and back side so that I can cut this up in pieces for my journal knowing the beads wont fall off. Yes its lots of work, work I wouldn't have done in my normal day life because of time. But with covid, I think I have found more patience, I certainly have more time,  and I really enjoyed having my coffee and working on this little piece. I will make more, maybe just not purple. ;p

Sequins and beads tip of the day

Note to self....
Or tip of the day...
Do not attempt to work with tiny sequins and seed beads right after cutting your  fingernails.... almost impossible to pick up. Arg..

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Mixed media ephemera kit #2

This is a mixed media ephemera craft kit #2

Some items are new in pkg and others are used, vintage, retro items.
Everything in this kit is shown in the photos below with one picture showing everything and then several pics showing in increments so that you can see it all. Stickers, flowers, bling, bingo cards, coasters, hankies, vintage die-cuts and more. I'm not going to list everything, please see pictures.
Price in Canada
12.00 +3.00 shipping CAD pay by e-transfer.
Price for USA
12.00 + 6.00 shipping USD pay by PayPal.
There will be other goodie items that I add into the package before I close it up.
Contact me via Facebook for payment info
Do you want to trade instead?
If you are a digital image seller, I will trade for a $25.00 credit to purchase digitals from your shop. 
Or if you have other items to trade, let me know, I may be interested.
I will be making up more of these kits in an effort to de-stash a ton of stuff.
When I have sold 10 lots like this, I will be offering a draw exclusively to those 10 buyers for a mystery giveaway package.