Thursday, April 30, 2020

Washi tape tip

Hi everyone,
I am cleaning up a bunch of old greeting cards by repurposing them into junknjournal cards and mini notebooks.
I like to use my own paper washi tape instead of the tape washi tape that you can purchase. I am sure you have the same love hate relationship with that tape. It always looks so beautiful at the store, which is why I have such a huge collection of that too sitting in a drawer.
However today, I discovered that it sews really well. It hasn't gummed up my needle and stitches stay nice and even. 
So that is just a little tip for you for today!
1st pic is seen with washi tape
2nd pic are some journal cards I have seen using old greeting cards for backs/bases.
3rd pic is one of several piles of greeting cardsci plan to repurpose today.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Today I am a bona fide genius!

Ok, not everyday, but I am pretty smart. And, I do use both sides of my brain. Other days I am only capable of gluing paper,  but I have been known to solve many world issues while gluing... ;)
Ok stay with me on this one.
I have many many wine labels that I have collected over the years. Tom, my husband makes wine from concentrate and usually there is a package of labels in the box. We dont use them on the bottles, so they just go into my stash of papers for art. But my collection also includes many that I have picked up at thrift shops or gifted from friends. They are all so beautiful and while I have used some in my collage art, and sold some, the collection( much like my button collection) is huge.
So today, I was looking through some papers to make some journal cards to add into my journals, and I found a few pkgs of wine labels. Omgosh!
This is where the genious part comes in...
With some cut up file folders and a little glue, in no time at all I had this beautiful stash of journal cards for my books. I used old file folders, but could easily use cardstock,  chipboard, cereal boxes and even lined index cards would work for a backing.
I still have way way too many wine labels and if you are interested, I can make up an assortment of 50 labels for 5.00 with free shipping. Send me a msg if you are interested.
All in all I am pretty pleased with these little gems.
Yep today...genius, not just genius but bona fide genious!  ;)

Saturday, April 25, 2020

The gypsy in me

LOL, I'm sure that to some of you, this piece is the ugliest thing you have ever laid eyes on. But today for me, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever made, 2nd only to the one I'm going to make next. These are snippet rolls made from scrap fabrics, trims and lots of asst fibres. I am addicted to making these.
This one is done in earth tones with subtle bits of gold glimmer threads peaking through. 
Snippet rolls are meant to be cut up and used in junk journal projects. But this one brings out the gypsy in me so just might have to look at it for precious....

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Boho gypsy Journal cards

Hi everyone,
I just finished these journal cards to add into a boho gypsy style journal that I am working on. Long process for this journal. This journal will eventually be for sale, but not sure when. So just sharing bits and pieces with you as I go along.
These cards are made on very sturdy paper board, decorated with design papers and vintage repro images of lovely bohemian beauties. The last little embellishments are snippets from my boho fabrics that I have been making up and selling on line. So cute, thanks for taking a peek.

Friday, April 17, 2020

1997 I think

Hi everyone, 
well tonight I took a step back in time. 1997 I think.
I stumbled upon a visual journal paste book I made, one of many I've made over the years. Most books I can't show you because they are personal with my personal writings, stories and experiences. But this one is blank, waiting to be filled in. It's far from complete, but I think I may have to work on this one again. I love the composition in each page layout, each set of pages different from the last some colour coordinates, while others had themes. I actually know what was going on at that time period of my life. Its very primitive lol, it was one of many paste/collage books I did long before they were called journals, or junk journals. I've been making this type of journal since I was 14 (and that was 1974) Gosh, I would give anything to see some of those books. Many I burned or shredded right after I finished them. This journal is a story yet to be written, and now I have the urge to work on it again. Enjoy!  

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

I've become an ink stamping hoarder

Hi everyone,
Ok so maybe not a hoarder, but it got your attention right?
Yesterday I cut and sorted paper for 24 signatures(that's another story) and all of the off cuts were so cool looking that I thought I should save some for washi tape and belly bands for my journals. I was only going to make a few, but I was by myself, only half watching the TV and the next thing I knew i had a whole tub full and ran out of paper. They look so awesome, I cant wait to start using them in some projects. A big thank-you and shout out to Natasha from Treasure Books on YouTube (here is the link to her video: ) for reminding me (well not just me) that I have ink, stamps and paper, and I could do this ahead of time to have a little stash or hoard...
Natasha, you are a genius! ;p
Drool and Enjoy!

Sunday, April 05, 2020

You can judge a journal by its cover.

You can judge a journal by its cover, if that's all you have made so far. 
I'm far from finished and already I know I'm addicted! 
What started out yesterday being a bunch of scrap fabric pieces, turned into 2 panels approx 10 x 20 inches and a snippet roll from the really small scraps.
The fabric pieces started out larger, but I cut, tore, then sewed some together, then cut in half again and sewed more pieces in between.
When I finally had the 2 panels, I sewed all the small bits to make a snippet roll. I've started adding trims and beads and I just cant leave it alone.
These 2 panels will be for 2 upcoming gypsy style journals finished size approx 9 x 6 and may have a flap over closure (still undecided)
My next step is to cut fabric to size, finish the edges and start embellishing each square space.
But I am so excited at the results so far, can't stop smiling, and had to share it in progress.
I will share progress and finished, when I put the books together.
Thx for looking!

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Snippet bands

Hi everyone
For me it is day 18 of being at home. Some days are good and others not so good. Yesterday I surfed a little on YouTube and pinterest and saw some various forms of snippet belly bands and decided to create a few of my own. I started with a 1" x 8" strip of heavier chip board (cereal box would work) and then used scrappy bits off my table to create these lovely bands. They could be used to decorate a page edge, or as a long belly band or even cut up in snippet clusters. Either way they are so darn cute and super fast and easy to make, I had to share. 

If you are looking for a fast easy little project, why not give them a try. I'd love to see your creations.