Saturday, January 30, 2021

Scrap busting Saturday - Bead dangles and tassels

Hi everyone,
It is Saturday and time for some scrap busting. Today I have my bead tray on the table and Im cleaning up some odds and ends beads. While I  will make a few dangles to add to my stash, I  am hoping to make a few bead tassles for the boho slides that I made last Saturday.
So lets get the scrap busting started, what's on your table today?

Sunday, January 24, 2021

From photo slides to Boho Dangles

Hi everyone,
While yesterday's scrap busting was a super challenge, I am finally pleased with the results.
I wanted to use up some of my photo slides and turn them into Boho style dangles to add to journals and tags.
The first thing I did was pop out the image from the slide holder. I then wrapped the entire slide in phloo phloo fibre wool. It takes about 3 yards to wrap and I used a little hot glue to hold in place as I went around the corners.
Depending on the wool, some of the holes are nearly filled in. I knew that I wasn't going to add a picture si that was ok. I wire wrapped with beads, added hangers and then wired in the filigree embellishment. From there it is just decorating as I choose. The hanger loops will be used to add tassles and dangles from the bottom, and the top one will be for some type of hanging tie thingy. Still undecided what I want. The wrapping takes time, but the results are well worth it. Now I will work to master my techniques and make a pile of these. When done I will share another post and I will be offering these for sale. If you want to make some yourself, I do sell the slides and wool fibres in a ton of colours.
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Scrap busting Saturday

Hi everyone,
It is scrap busting Saturday and today I have this pile of slides on my table. I have used these many different ways in the past, from specimen samples, to dangles embellishments. Ive even made Christmas ornaments with them and jewelry too. But today I have a different plan...I'm thinking of making some Boho grunge dangles. Not sure exactly what I have in mind but hopefully it will come to me as I go along.
Yes, I'm still working on those fabric snippets and they are getting closer to being done, but know...squirrel hunting! Maybe soon I will have some pics to show you.
Back to these slides, if you are looking for some, I do sell in my ebay listings, see link above.
Sooo my question every Saturday is: what's on your table today? 
Happy Creating!

Finished tags challenge.

Hi everyone, 
Here are my finished tags for a recent challenge, (see link  above to the challenge) Tag yur it theme: Scarey or pretty. I printed the images on transparency film and did a 2nd print of words, and a 3rd print of a light burgundy floral background. Yes 3 prints on the same transparency. They turned out pretty good, though it might be hard to see in the photos.
I had so much fun sewing my scraps over top on the tags, and leaving threads and bits hanging. Sometimes I'm not able to do that. Though I dont think I am OCD,  I still find it difficult to not cut all the loose threads off.
I finished with a little bit of bling using one of my hand made dangles.
I made 6 tags in total, I am selling in sets of 3 and they are now  posted for sale
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Finished scrapbusting piece

Hi everyone, while I had good intentions of finishing up all the scrap pieces and turning them into lovely tuck pockets and snippets, I found it a little tough to stay focused. I sorted the bag of bits to find that the pearls sprays were 2 garlands. I did take them apart, yes all the beads off the plastic strand. They are usable for jewelry or hand beading. Then I bagged up everything else. The little white roses got stained with coffee.
Then I beaded one of the snippets I made and added 2 handmade silk ribbon roses, some bling and of course the pearls and my little coffee stained flowers. Then I lost my mojo. I spent the rest of the day squirrel hunting and was easily distracted. Here is my finished piece and pictures of the stuff yet to do.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saturday scrap busting - bag of bits

Hi everyone 
Its another scrap busting Saturday and today I am showing this bag of bits. It is a huge tangled mess of pearl strands ribbons and other bits.
I bought the whole freezer bag at a yard sale last summer for 25 cents. Soooooo since I never did finish off those scrap fabric pieces from last Saturday (see Jan 9th post below),  I decided I will sort this mess and incorporate into my fabric scraps. I think there is some potential here, if I have patience for this Lol. Come join me and post what you are busting through today. Below is a picture of the bag of mess/goodness. Hopefully I can show you something beautiful by the end of the day.

Saturday, January 09, 2021

Finished tags Paris pink pocket

Hi everyone, here are my finished tags for the Thursday TagYur it challenge. If you would like to participate, see link above.
The theme was Paris, pink, pocket, and you had to put something in the pocket.
My tags are made with the background paper I provided. Then I stitched on a lace or fabric pocket and embellished with a pink butterfly, and a pink bead dangle on a bulb pin. Each pocked is filled with ephemera bits including a pink tag, currency, vintage mini postcard, a playing card, a lovely boudoir lady, and a pink ticket. Top  of tag is finished with soft phloo phloo fibres (my name for them) for tying. These will go up for sale in my ebay listings later today or tomorrow. Link also above
Thx for looking!

Tip of the day - Coffee staining in a cup!

Hi everyone, while I've done this for some time, this was perfect opportunity to show you a quick stain method. Whether it is a piece of lace, fabric or even paper scraps.
After I've made my single cup of coffee, and the grounds are still in the pod, I grab a cup or measure cup and fill with whatever I want to stain. Then I reset the machine with the used grounds and press start! Presto and donno! I leave the items sit for about 15 minutes (while I drink my coffee) and then lay out to dry. No fuss and no mess. The coffee stain is lighter almost like a dark tea stain. Ive also made that 2nd cup and just brushed on projects.  You could acheive the dark effect by using fresh coffee grounds, its all what you prefer.
These fabric pieces are larger than the container so after about 10 minutes ill just flip it over or I can repeat the process with another coffee for me and my staining. You will see my finished results in my next project.

Saturday Scrapbusting - fabric pieces

Good morning everyone! Its time for our Saturday scrap busting!
Today from my pile, I have these burlap and canvas fabrics. They have been sitting on the pile since last fall. They are remnants/scraps from cutting out Christmas banners. SIGH!
Yes I just kept putting them off.
I think I will turn these into side corner pockets and maybe more snippets. A little lace and some buttons or beads and I should be able to put these in the done pile.
Later today or tomorrow I will post the finished pieces.
What's on your craft table? 
Share and Start Busting!

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Saturday Scrap busting - Clusters

Hi everyone,
Though I will admit starting these last night, it really was to sort out a pile of bits and pieces and I was originally going to sew into a snippet roll this morning but then they started to look sooo cute as clusters. I woke up  and couldn't wait to start my sewing machine. Some of these are stapled and glued while others are sewn. My last step I will finish up by adding some beads or bling on a few of them. I made just over 60 of these. Im keeping some for myself and selling the rest in lots of 12. I should have up for sale later today.
Today will be my 1st post for what I'm calling Saturday scrap busting. If you want to play along, create something using up your scraps and bits my method is Arms Length Crafting, and only use what you can reach or from a container of scraps if you are one of those organized types. Then sew, glue or staple together and create!  I will be  sharing this on several Fb groups if you would like to post your finished creations and methods. 
Here is whats left of my bags of scrappy fabric bits
This is the pile of papers i worked with, still lots to bust, maybe next Saturday.

Friday, January 01, 2021

My completed tags for the Challenge Tag yur it Thursdays

Just finished up my 2 tags for The Jan 7th Tag yur it challenge. Link is above in the navigation bar.
Using the downloaded photos  from this site, other specs were lace and burlap.
These tags are 4 x 6.5 inches. Made with a manila file folder, I stitched some upholstery fabric as the base background, used burlap, lace trim, some torn cardboard to frame and an assortment of ephemera bits. Bow hand tied with mustard seam binding.
Turned out pretty cute, a little out of my style but I am happy with results, I might make a few more.
These will be for sale here on the blog some time later today or tomorrow.
Still time to participate in this challenge. Visit link above for more details.