Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tag Art Creations

Hi Everyone,

Well cleaning up the work table with a bunch of new art tags that I created and I am listing in my store today.

I wont bore you with pics of everyone, but will show you a few of them.
Selling at a great price only $2.99 each. Available on my website here

Sleeping Beauty

Mirror Mirror

Vintage Amigos

Nylon Dance

Grannie Panties

Thanks for looking!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Finally a creative weekend!

Hi Everyone,

Well finally I was able to have some fun! I went with the gal pals to a weekend scrapbook convention.
I am not much of a "scrap booker" as such, and usually I take my altered art stuff and maybe make a few art cards or collage book pages over the weekend.

I don't often get much done, but I always enjoy the creative time with the gals, the inspiration, of course the never ending food and treats, and the opportunity to purchase mountains of new supplies that I never have time to use.
Yes I did exercise that opportunity.....

This time was no exception when it came time to getting things done.
I always have plans of grandeur and bring mountains of containers of stuff to work on and supplies enough to last an entire year of conventions.

But this time I didn't haul it all into the convention as I usually do, instead I left it all in the van and brought in only 2 containers of stuff.

I worked on my embellished keys, and had sort of a mini class with my friends and they learned how to make some of these keys for their own art creations.

Below are the few keys that I did get made, 12 in total, and I am very pleased with the results, tho had I been as home I most likely would have made about 100 keys over the 2 days. But it would never compare to the fab time I had with the gal pals.

Thanks Gerdie, Lori, Denise, and Miriel for a fabulous fun weekend!

As well thanks to all of the other scrappers there including Pam, and Marie (over 100) for a ton of inspiration and camaraderie!
Thank-you Sharon and staff for hosting this wonderful event twice per year!

I do have about 50 keys that are painted and ready to assemble so I am hoping to have those done sometime this week.
If you would like to see these close up, I have already listed the keys for sale on my website.

Since I was listing stuff today I also managed to create a new category called filigree metal embellishments and started listing my filigree pieces for sale. These are what I use to make my altered keys.

So if you are interested in creating your own embellished keys here is a tutorial I made several years ago on creating them.

I am waiting for a shipment of new filigree pieces and will be listing them as soon as they arrive.

Have a very creative week!