Monday, June 15, 2009

Kim and Lydia went Garage Sale'n

Yes it was our second weekend in a row going to garage sales.
Lydia has posted pictures of her loot on PDA so I figured I would post the images of my loot here and just link from PDA

A huge collection of doilies. I often add these into my large ephemera kits, it is always so pretty to work with real crochet doilies.

For those of you that are familiar with Pocket Packet Fridays, you know that this is hard to pass up. And that just makes more opportunity to win a pocket packet! This package had around 50 pockets, for $2.00 wow thats alot of cheeks!

Lace trim and more doilies

Two very lovely vintage books, with many antiquarian book art pages. These will be scanned and uploaded to the free images on PDA

Fun colored dominoes, these are going in my personal stash but I think I will add a few to the tin box going to the winner of the Alice in Wonderland art Challenge on Lydia's Reveal Blog.
Deadline to post your entry is June 30th so you still have lots of time.

I couldnt resist this wonderful find. Anyone up for a game of old maid, barrel of Monkeys, bowling or playing store? A great find of faux coins and wooden numbered blocks.

Another steal at $1.00 for this wooden shelf. It stands about 18 inches high. I am going to use it for some very large rubber stamps I have so they are decoratively displayed in my studio.

My prize of the day! I guess I had been deprived in my hippy girl days cuz I didnt have a lava lamp back then.

I was excited to find this because it will match nicely in my livingroom when we are finished renovations and painting. My livingroom is going to be in very bright shades of green with a little bit of burnt sienna and white trim.

I know, I know it sounds super duper ugly but it really looks sharp on the swatches we created.

For a second my hubby did think I finally lost it in my garage sale treasures with this lava lamp but he just raised his eyebrows, shrugged his shoulders and smiled. I think he thought it was pretty cool too. and I dont think he had a Lava lamp either when he was a hippy. LOL

So there you have it, aside from that I found a huge ugly black plastic CD rack for all of my computer cds. Yeah it's kind of ugly but it outta hold everything now and it wont look so bad once it is full. Sorry no pic of that one cuz I forgot.