Wednesday, November 09, 2011

5 Year Anniversary Blog Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

Well Happy Anniversary to me as a blogger on the internet for the past 5 years. Well actually its past 5 years by a few weeks. I had put up a counter to remind myself and then didn't even look at it til today. So thats why I am a little late in making a big hoopla over this day! I didn't forget, I just didnt get here to do it.

I haven't been the greatest blogger, I will admit it.
Someone convinced me to do this, and it often has been a struggle. Sometimes I go for months before I make a new post. Yeah I am busy and sometimes I dont know what I want to say. Its not for lack of words or muse, just a sorting process of where I am headed at the time I write.

I am not sure if its an art blog or an advertising blog or a place to rant. Sometimes it is just silliness that gets me to write and then I wonder if you think I am crazy? I mean who reads these blogs anyway?

I would like to say it is about the networking of like minds but in all honesty I really didn't start the follow button until late last year so I cant even give an honest count of who reads this blog.

I do read other blogs and follow many but I probably don't comment as often as I should. Sometimes I will spend an afternoon hopping from blog to blog (usually when I am at work and bored) but then I am what I would call "over inspired" and have too many ideas floating around in my head.

My best blog experiences have been when I spend a half hour speed reading blogs. Then I don't get too much information and can sort through the best blogs. Or sometimes I will just pick one blog and go back reading an entire year from that person. That's often fun and for some of you it may finally explain why I commented on something you wrote 6 months ago.
Sometimes I will read through your blogs and then comment that I was just passing through and say hello. It doesn't mean that I don't have anything nice to say about a particular post but rather just letting you know I was there and had a delightful read.
I find comments get rather redundant and I just like to say I was there otherwise it would be so easy to copy and paste what someone else wrote, is it just me that thinks if I write something similar it just sounds like someone else? How many ways can you say that's lovely, fabulous, gorgeous and beautiful?

Sometimes I go back to a blog wondering why I bookmarked it, only to rediscover you all over again.
Sometimes I just lurk.
Some of you have your follow button right near the top as I do so it is easy to hit the follow button, and for others I just bookmark you in my favorites on my computer.

I am really behind again but I do like to sort blog links by content (I know slightly anal eh?) but when I want to find something or someone it really helps. I think there are about 600 blog links on my computer. (I know slightly weird eh?) I probably have about 5000 links in total in my favorites (Now that's downright scarey eh?) But I do have a very good memory and can usually figure out what I am looking for in good time.

I think I will work on a new method of blog commenting to stand out from the rest so that it really means something.
Ahh now I see a new list to keep track of..... descriptive blog commenting.......

A pause to reflect the above content....

Okay so I just went back to the top and read all of the crap I just wrote LOL...Wow that was a lot of "sometimes" used in the above content eh?

All this just to get to the blog give away? Hah oh well that is what we do to attempt to engage each other isnt it?

Okay so here is the box, you may recognize it from past giveaways, the only thing different is that it says 5 years on it. I like to recycle where I can.

This give away is for the purpose of networking, so I am looking for followers. It's pathetic, I only have 82 followers and I have been blogging for 5 years? I know as I said above I only added the follow button lately and so now I need to make up for lost time.

So in order to participate in this giveaway:
1. You must be a follower up above.
2. You also need to leave a comment
3. You must blog and link or post this giveaway on your own blog(see the little post link on the right hand at the top.
4 & 5. If you facebook or twitter please follow me (see links also on the right) I will also friend and follow you back.
6. Also tell me if you could recommend another person to win this giveaway instead of you, who would it be? Let them know so they can come here and comment too.
7. Tell me a funny Pet name you have heard or named one of your own pets.
8. Tell me your favorite food.
9. Your favorite Craft tool
10. Tell me one really weird thing about yourself
11. Ohhh and maybe you could wish me happy 5 years in your own delightful words. I mean gee isnt that the whole point?

Okay so the first 3 are mandatory for 3 entries into this draw, the others are to give you extra entries and of course irritate you and humor me. But hey?...that could be 11 entries for this draw. And I will add them up and post here on the blog.

This giveaway will go right to the end of the year Dec 31, 2011 And I will make the draw on New Years Day or very close to it. I will accept comments below on this post as well as all posts related to this giveaway. As I will be adding images and posts showing you what is going in the box.

So what is going in the box?
Altered Art Stuff
Junk, bits baubles, rusty things, vintage papers, thread, lace, maybe an old sock, ribbon, flowers, beads, clip art, puzzle pieces, collage sheets, half a sandwich, bingo cards, game pieces, half finished art creations, some art, fibres, cabinet cards, doilies, book covers, tags, die cuts, dryer lint in several colors, hand made books, wooden things, tickets, a few gum wrappers, postcards, stamps, milk bottle tabs, labels, rubber stamps, some craft tools that I don't use or like, stuff you wont like, stuff I dont like, like cutesy scrapbooking papers and other cutesy things, stuff that I dont even know what it is, and stuff I haven't got yet, tissue paper, napkins, Asian papers, hell money, monopoly money, no real money, wait...maybe a few old coins, trinkets, stained stuff, antique bits, new stuff(I do buy the odd thing) jewelry parts, body parts, (no not real ones),
and maybe if you are really nice, the other sock but it wont match anyway.

So if you are not into altered art junk boxes then don't comment.

But if you are into altered art, then you know this Box is going to be a salivating treasure trove of infectious muse processing that will leave you quivering like a bowl of jello and sobbing in shear delight over the endless possibilities all the while moaning like the cat that just ate the biggest canary ever (or turkey) because you havent got the slightest clue where to begin?

Yep that's what in this box.....(and that phrase is going in my new list of phrases and comments)

Have a great day, stay tuned for some more image snippets and hints of this blog giveaway,

Kim aka imagesbykim

Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 5 x 7 art pages

Some more finished art projects.
These are 2 pages for the Interpretations group on the Paper Digital Art forum

Each month we create 2 identical (or very close) 5 x7 pieces for the theme of the month.

One piece you keep for yourself, and the other you swap with your partner for the month.

At the end of this year I will have 2 books complete with covers for this years Interpretation of the themes. One book will be all of my own work, and the other book will be from all of my swap partners throughout the year.  I will be sure to post pics of my books once they are all bound together.

What a fabulous way to own a collection of art.

Our next project will start early in the new year if you are interested in joining us, then stop by the Paper Digital Art forum and Join!
Below is the July page Theme: Ripped followed by August Page Theme: Polka Dot

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Row Houses Theme: Home Tweet Home

Hi Everyone,
It has been a while since I posted some art projects. Here are some of the finished row houses I did for the latest swap and challenge on PDA Paper Digital Art and imagesbykim forum for the Row House Group.

The theme: Home Tweet Home

We created a minimum of 5 houses(1 set) or more if you chose, and then all were shipped to me and I then redistributed them and shipped back to everyone. If you would like to see everyone's houses that participated in the swap visit the PDA Row House Blog for a ton of inspiration and eye candy.

Here are some of my houses for you to see. All were done basically the same style just different colors and embellishments. I used design papers for the backgrounds, with textured papers for the roof and a wooden block for the perch and a variety of flowers and moss to embellish. Each house has 2 birds. You can click on the images for a closer look.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cabinet Card Reproductions

I just added a large collection of Cabinet card reproductions under a new category called Cabinet Card Reproductions

These cards decorated with small bits of lace trim are ready for embellishing, or for display, or to add into your art creations. A variety of sizes available.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Book page 6 for altered book swap Interpretations Group

Page 6 Altered book page swap Theme: Stained for life

My Interpretation: Do not let a broken heart stain you for life

Message written on handmade scroll

Message on back scroll holds artist information

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Goodbye to the little princess avatar

Yes it is time to say goodbye to the little princess. She has been my avatar everywhere for a long long long time.
It started when I was doing an art challenge and we had to create an ATC using a portrait of ourselves. Yes that's me, and I was about 4 years old I think, but I am not gonna tell you when that was. Let the black and white photo date me old enough.

I have never been one to post pictures of myself on the net.

It's not that I look bad, or take bad photos, just something that has never been something I wanted to do. I think there are a few odd ball photos of me on the net, some are funny, and some are with art friends I have met over the years. I think I am in a few Facebook albums, but I am not going to link to them.

If you find some along the way well then you know what I look like.

Other wise you are just gonna have to wait til we meet in person.

I do like to travel alot. My hubby and I spend time every year somewhere in the USA so if I am going your way, I will let you know and we can meet in person.

So why am I deleting my little princess photo? Well I just realized that she really doesn't suit my art site or my personality.
(Sorry princess, its not you, it's me...wait a minute, but you are me.....hmmmmm....)

So instead I am going to use this one for awhile.

I dont really like it, but I will use it for now until I get bored and then I will change it again. Maybe it will be up as many years as the last one. I think the hardest part is going to be figuring out where I have to change my avatar, believe me that little princess is everywhere.

Thanks for stopping in!
Kim aka the little princess aka imagesbykim

Monday, June 13, 2011

Title: Exotic Sash Hanging 5 x 7 collage mixed media art.
I started with a 5 x 7 chipboard and added a variety of vintage papers including the sheet music background. The laser print images is a reproduction. Then embellished wiht other design paper, some fringe trim along the bottom, and the 2 tone ribbon in copper and teal that matches the sash in the image.
The embellishments in matching teal and copper color are hand made using a trash to treasure collage technique ( that I will someday do a tutorial on.)
The top has a handmade black wire hanger then wrapped in additional copper wire and many copper tone swirls were added.
Finished length is approx 13.5 inches. This piece is available for purchase on my website under the Art - Standard sizes Category

Embellished Gypsy Recycled CD art

Mixed Media Collage Altered CD Art Titled: Embellished Gypsy

Using a recycled CD, A variety of vintage and design papers, including the lovely Gypsy girl. Top and bottom are embellished with metal filligree pieces and wired and bead dangles. A hanger is made from antique goldtone chain with more beads incorporated into the top of the hanger.

Edges of cd are ink stained and enhanced with glitter and so are parts of the image.

She truly is an embellished beauty!
She is available for purchase on my website under the Art CD Recycles Category

Fall Colors Puzzle Piece

Made on a child's floor puzzle piece that measures approx 5" x 5"

First I painted the piece both sides. Collaged using some design background paper,and an Alfons Mucha laser print image reproduction. I embellished with some copper die-cut flourishes and some silk flowers and leaves.

A handmade black wire hanger for display tied with some shimmery fall color fibres. Finished length is approx 10 inches.

Available for purchase in my website under the Art Puzzle Shapes Category

Fabric wall hanging Little Princess

7138 Little Princess fabric wall decor

This wall decor measures approx 15" long from the top of the wire hanger to the end of the fringe.

The collaged fabric square measures approx 4" x 6"

Made with a variety of fabrics, pieces of a vintagetable cloth, and embellishments.

Edges are hand stiched using the blanket stitch and ditressed with ink and stain.

The image repro is of a sweet little girl.

Available for purchase on my website under the Made of Fabric Category

Art Tags Fall Leaves Copper Leaves

Two art tags made on very sturdy vintage book covers. Measure approx 2.5 x 5 inches and finished length with trim is approx 12 inches. These are lovely for gift tags, display, or for your altered art and scrapbooking projects. Both have laser print images from the Alfons Mucha collection.
You can find these available for sale in my Art Tag Category of my website.

4 x4 art square creations

More items added to my store. These are art cards made in a 4 x 4 art square and embelished with wire hangers for easy display.
You cna find these and more under the Art Squared Category in my shop.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tag book of tags

Hi Everyone,

Another swap on PDA in the Tag you are it Group.

The challenge was to make a tag book with tags.

So I took it literally and did both. I made the book from stained and distressed manilla shipping tags. Then inside I created little pockets using "used" tea bags.

After you drink your tea, allow the tea bag to dry thoroughly and then cut along one edge and remove tea leaves. Tea leaves can be added to your house plants for nutrients, and then you are left with these lovely little pockets to add to your art projects. Plus they are already vintage stained from the tea!

Once I added the pockets, I then added smaller tags inside. Each pocket holds 2 tags.
There are 6 inside pages for a total of 12 small assorted tags. I have shown a few pics of the little tags.
Each tag has fibre or ribbon ties, and the book closes with a twine that weaves through each manilla tag.

Ends of twine are knotted so they dont come out of the book (yet long enough for easy maneuver of opening the book) and then pulled tight to make a bow. I added a wire hanger to hang the book or attach to another art project.
Then through out the book I lightly embellished with paper flowers and small rhinestone bling.

What a fun project! I hope my swap partner will enjoy this little book of goodies!

Thanks for looking!

Time to post some new art creations

Hi Everyone,

Here are some art pieces I have done for a couple of different art swaps on PDA Paper Digital Art ning forum.

This is page 5 for the Interpretations Book and pages group on PDA The theme for this page was Photogragh, I included a tag with the inscription about the photograph. Backside is completed with artist information and treated as another page so must be fully finished as well.
I used image reporductions, some designer papers for the backgrounds. Fabric frame is made from torn and knotted distressed fabric scraps, a combination of lace, and braid trim, and embellished with small paper roses. Backside has a vintage auto gasket used for the frame. Roses on the tag are hand made and rolled with fabric strips. Entire piece is distressed with a variety of inks and stains.

An ATC/ACEO artist trading card made for the ATC group on PDA for both challenge and swap with another partner. The theme was Journey and written on the back I wrote: A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. (author unknown)
I used a vintage map background, a lovely gypsy girl image reproduction,ribbon, braid, fibres, and beaded trim. Then attached the found little vase charm.

I can hardly wait to see the swap pieces I will receive back from both of my partners!

Thanks for looking!