Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Mini tutorial - tin can die cuts

Hi everyone, 
just thought I would share a quick photo tutorial of cutting tin can lids using the sizzix/bigkick machine. 
1st thing was to wash a can lid. 
Then using the first die I had handy the heart die, I chose the size I wanted and cut out. I did go back and forth to insure a good cut, but you can also add a shim under the die to make a better cut.
After cutting, I still had to use plyers and go back and forth a few times to remove from waste area.
But dont throw away the off cut, straighten with the players and it becomes a frame.
Not done yet.....
I then got out an embossing folder and put both pieces through the machine again.
The results are awesome!
The off cut makes a lovely frame and I used the cropadile to punch holes for brads and dangles. Bonus is the different colors from back to front.
Use in your journals, make jewelry, Christmas ornaments and more.
All of this is experimental, use at your own risk, and the edges of the tin can be sharp so wear protective gloves if you feel necessary. See photos below.
Thx for stopping in.