Terms of Use for Images

If you would like to support my time and efforts in making these collage sheets and offering them for free, I sure would appreciate a cup of coffee. An extra large French Vanilla always makes me smile. :)

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Terms of use for images ***UPDATED To Include Reseller Terms**** April 17, 2021

Hi Everyone,
 I am so tired of going to other persons websites, blogs and pages that offer free images and free collage sheets for "Personal Use Only" and "credit me credit me credit me blah blah blah terms".

Here are my terms of use for my images and digital printable collage sheets:  

Print as many as you like, there are no limits.
 Share with your friends and family, have craft parties, teach classes, and print out these sheets for everyone you want.
Use my images in items for resale and YES you can even print out the sheets and sell them, after-all, its your paper and ink. Print on t shirts, greeting cards, blah blah blah.
You can alter, resize, and recolor, and I would love if you would share the new versions back for my own use (without any stipulations of course).

I don't ask for credit, but it would be nice of you if you would send others to this site and to my other pages.  Feel free to share on pinterest or any other site that will link back to my pages.

If you would like to buy me a coffee or send me a few dollars, I would be happy to accept a PayPal gifty, it is always nice to receive a little monitory thank-you. When I get a paypal gifty I usually am inspired to add more collage sheets. :)
There are a variety of coffee sizes to choose from, and I might just send you a gifty back from my own personal stash! ;)

Buy Kim a Coffee!

I ask you to respect that these images are free for the world to use so please don't add them to Cd's and digital collections for sale as they are, you are the only one that will look stupid, if your customers find these images for free on my site.

April 17th, 2021 

If you decide to use my images in your own collections, and want to resell as your own digital printables or in a kit, you have my permission as long as you send me a copyright free version that I can use for myself.
Many of these images are my own personal collection of post cards, photos, and my own graphic designs and compilations. Yes I have enhanced, touched up, recolored, etc etc etc for the sake of giving away these images. If there is a chance that I am using something that is still under copyright, I will remove from the collection and update below.

Thank-you and happy creating!


  1. Gratidão pela sua generosidade, Kim. Abraços desde o Brasil.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures and bakgrund papers! It's very generous of you! Thank you för your kindness! Lot of Hugs from Ing-Marie / Sweden


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