Thursday, July 07, 2011

Goodbye to the little princess avatar

Yes it is time to say goodbye to the little princess. She has been my avatar everywhere for a long long long time.
It started when I was doing an art challenge and we had to create an ATC using a portrait of ourselves. Yes that's me, and I was about 4 years old I think, but I am not gonna tell you when that was. Let the black and white photo date me old enough.

I have never been one to post pictures of myself on the net.

It's not that I look bad, or take bad photos, just something that has never been something I wanted to do. I think there are a few odd ball photos of me on the net, some are funny, and some are with art friends I have met over the years. I think I am in a few Facebook albums, but I am not going to link to them.

If you find some along the way well then you know what I look like.

Other wise you are just gonna have to wait til we meet in person.

I do like to travel alot. My hubby and I spend time every year somewhere in the USA so if I am going your way, I will let you know and we can meet in person.

So why am I deleting my little princess photo? Well I just realized that she really doesn't suit my art site or my personality.
(Sorry princess, its not you, it's me...wait a minute, but you are me.....hmmmmm....)

So instead I am going to use this one for awhile.

I dont really like it, but I will use it for now until I get bored and then I will change it again. Maybe it will be up as many years as the last one. I think the hardest part is going to be figuring out where I have to change my avatar, believe me that little princess is everywhere.

Thanks for stopping in!
Kim aka the little princess aka imagesbykim

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Lotus said...

I'm sad to see the princess leave! I understand that we all need a change once in awhile though, so I'll wave goodbye... ; )
Thank you for my new collage sheets! They are wonderful! I'm a bit ticked that my printer ran out of ink... ugh! I've been wanting to do some printing this "weekend"!