Sunday, April 22, 2007

Altered Art Pocket Folders in sets of 4, I have 5 different sets listed on Ebay, more cabachons and pendants lots of different combinations also on Ebay.

These little bingo cards are just the cutest at only $1.29 for a 10 pack with 10 chips on my website.
That's all you get for today, no more no more!


Dana said...

Hello Kim! I just had to say I love your little pocket folders. The Bingo cards are adorable. I know you said you've been very busy in your note to ZNE ... so I wanted to stop in for a hello and to wish you a good day! xo -Dana

Altered Kat said...

Under the B....7! woohoo! You've been busy girlfriend! ;o)

Love all the new trinkets...pendants...folders...etc...

easyjourney said...

Sending Roses and chocolate from Florida, xxoo Astrid

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Hi Kim! You have been tagged. Go to my blog to read about it. A fun little blogging game and good way to increase web visibility too! ;-)

kim said...

Hi Everyone, Thanks for the comments.

Gail, I see I have been tagged, okay some time later this week but I don't know who is left to tag back? LOL

Under the "O" 72 and you will never guess who the winner is! :)