Friday, February 22, 2008

Here I am this morning reading through a few emails, one of which came from Jeri Aaron aka artful gathering.

She is starting a swap called row houses, I haven't said yes yet but I think I am going to. They are so sweet.

So while I was on her blog looking at these gorgeous row houses, I noticed one post down that she had been tagged "the 6 weird things about me" and then she tagged me at the end.

Whew!!!!! Thank goodness I just did one, so I am recycling it for Jeri's tagging too, and again I am not re-tagging.
It's too late, I think everyone that I know has been tagged and re-tagged by now. So if you are reading this, remember to keep those "Thanks for not tagging me Kim " gifts coming! LOL

In celebration for not having to do this tag, I am giving a couple of free downloads today.

Visit my Shareapic albums to download the full size version of these new images:

Have a very creative day everyone!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Who Wants To Trade For These Items Below?

I have this pile of used rubber stamps and a couple of ink pads.
I will add a whole pile of ephemera stuff to fill the box to the maximum.

Papers, images, doo dads and other stuff, trust me, it will be packed to the fullest!!!

What would I like in return?
Just an ephemera packet to offset my shipping costs for this box.

If you are interested to put dibbs on this deal, leave a note in the comments and send me your address to my email address: ( minus the brackets.