Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back from my walk, wow and this is the 3rd post and I'm still not finished today.
Here are some pics from our adventure. We walked just over 3 miles.

Most of the fields are black and all the brush and small grass is burnt away

This is the old farm house, nothing left but the basement and chimney

More burnt out junk left on this farmsite

Look way way down there, still another mile and a half home. Did you know that Manitoba is pretty flat? We have some rolling hills further North but not here. We are part of the Canadian prairies

Nothing like a cool swim at the half way point. Brrrr

And a little garter snake for Jessie's amusement, yuk!

Well now I must start listing on ebay and my website so I will stop in one more time with a few art pics.



Loudlife said...

Hey Kim -

I swear I thought I emailed you my address!!! I was just wandering through your blog and saw this post and was like what??? Have I lost my mind??? (highly possible!) I do so many things online late at night that I think I sometimes hallucinate - I have definitely found myself nodding off at the keyboard.

Oh, I just looked at my eBay messages - I emailed my address on 4/23 but didn't specify art or ephemera...I'm definitely getting old. Although on the bright side I do have the excuse of sickness - right?

I choose art! I can't pass up that opportunity!

I saw what you said on the ZNE Yahoo site about reading blogs taking your whole breakfast time - you're not kidding! But aren't we lucky to have this venue? So many people must have been so isolated in the past, I know I was before I discovered this community. Computers are fabulous! Meeting people like you has really changed my life.

So, thank you!

Loudlife said...

Hmm...I guess I clicked the wrong comment tag - I meant to put this on the post above. Oh, well.


Loudlife said...

Okay, the post below - I really have lost my mind...