Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm baaack!! Twice in one day? Don't fall over now!
Here is the pic for the free download of the week on my website. A rust background. I love the colors in this image, and excellent background for distressed items. I have used it for jewellery backgrounds with goldtone accessories.

So I still haven't heard from Laurie my last winner, I left her several messages on the ZNEtalk site and even a few hints but she is either very busy or very busy LOL I guess I will just have to go and leave her a couple of messages on her blog, and now I am pulling another new winner!

Drum roll...........Astrid aka easy journey is my topic comment winner! Yay Astrid!

Astrid is added to my blog links, and I went this morning to read her blog, I was so inspired by her art. Her art cards are very beautiful. Astrid, someday I would love to do a trade with you.

But for today, you are my winner and if you would let me know if you would like art or ephemera sent to you. Also need your mail addy. You can email me privately through ZNE.

Another blogger I love and added to my links is Mel aka Mel's lazy Dayz, I loved the music playing in the background, her latest topic, she talks about getting outside on the weekend, I think I am about to do that. I'm going to take the dog for a walk and take pics of the burnt farmhouse. So maybe later today I will be back again. LOL


Loudlife said...

Hi Kim! I must be blind! I didn't see a thing on ZNE about my winning status! I also didn't realize how long it had been since I visited your blog - I kept scrolling, and scrolling and finally saw a picture I remembered from April 9th! Yikes!

It has been crazy at our house, as you saw. Now everyone (including me) is sick. Sigh. Rexy hasn't had another night like the bad one though, thankfully.

No worries about teasing me, I have been trying to check in with things - albeit usually at 2am - and I just somehow missed your post on ZNE. I was probably falling asleep at the computer! The other night I did all the work to list an ACEO and when I looked the next day - it wasn't there! I still don't know what I did, maybe I closed the window with out hitting the final save? I have clear memories right up until that point...strange.

Anyway, thanks! I'm thrilled to win something! Do I send you my email? Let me know.

Boy, I just wrote a novel, didn't I? Well, I look forward to hearing from you - and I'll stop by more often!


easyjourney said...

Yay Thank you Kim! I will email you later with my addy. Thanks for your sweet words about my art. I would love to trade with you, just LMK what? Hugs Astrid