Monday, April 09, 2007

Well I finally did find a couple of Easter Goodies left by that darn cute Bunny ;)

So after devouring the cadbury egg and biting of the head of my Lindt Chocolate bunny I was ready to get to work!

Finishing production went well, and I spent the day photoging and listing on ebay many new items.

The above photo is a sample of many sets of charm/pendants I did for this week.

Some sets are assorted, some are themed: flowers, nudes, music etc.

These could be used as charms or embellishments, or strung with cord for pendants or any other type of jewelry creating. Size is .75" x 1.5" and approx .25" thick.

Starts with a wooden base, vintage photo repros and many coats of a nice epoxy give a very high gloss glass like finish.

Also did a huge bunch of art items, including some miniature collage art hangers. This is called In My Lover's Arms.
I have been doing many art items with a Romance theme lately.....
must be the spring air or something....... :)

I had a heck of a time getting here again today. seems like the links were all dead for about an hour, probably just me.

Well, no comments to my last post, not even from my favorite commenter, :) where are you lately? Is the M still there? :) So no draw for that post, I even gave you all an extra day.
Hmmmm come to think of it, I still havn't heard back from Anita either.

That's it for today, I'll be looking for a comment winner again soon.

hugs to all



Anita said...

hey Kim!! you know I love your art...I have lots of it..LOL.

I'm working my way around my blogs tonight since its kinda slow at work (don't tell on me).

Now I have to figure out how to add links to my blog. When I do, I will put you on mine. :)


kim said...

Hi Anita,

I have your mail addy so I will send something out to you this week.

Have a great day!

Loudlife said...

Hi Kim - I'm a ZNE-er and I downloaded a couple of those free images. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for such a kind and generous offer. I also browsed through your store - what great stuff! I'm going to put a link to it in my blog.

Thank you,
Laurie Blau-Marshall

TiffanyJane said...

Hiya Kim!! I'm browsing around blogs briefly....I added yours to mine (not sure if you got my ZNE message already)....your looks GREAT!!!! Have a gReAt Week!! Tiffany :)

kim said...

Hi Laurie, so nice to meet you!

I am glad you will be able to use some of those images, do share and let me see what you make when you do, I always love seeing everyone's art work. I'm going to add your blog to mine right away plus go and check out yours too!

Hi Tiffany, nice of you to stop in, love your site too!

Oh yeah, don't forget to grab a cupcake LOL!


Altered Kat said...

Love the pendants...all of your stuff just makes me drool! ;o)

kim said...

Hey Kat, I just got here and saw your post. Where have you been? I keep missing you everywhere.
How's the M figure?


easyjourney said...

Oooh those pendants are gorgeous!Of course I love anything with roses. Really pretty! Astrid

kim said...
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