Monday, December 17, 2007

a medley,a potpourri, a work of art collaged from the fine arts of various sources.

Every once in a while, you meet an artist that takes the word Artisan to yet another level. Some artists can leave you in awe and almost humbled by the visual experience.

Mindy Sommers of
Vintage Tile Murals has done just that, visit her lovely website:

Vintage Tile Murals, Art Gifts and Home Decor Accessories

If you still have gifts to purchase for anyone that loves art, and if you can get away with a promisary note until the package arrives, then this is the site to shop for the most incredible art offerings.

Thank-you Mindy, for sharing your beautiful artwork.


Sherry said...

Mindy's work is staggeringly beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing the link...I'm bookmarking for future!!!
It is such a good feeling isn't it, when we find an artisan that just grabs us ... our imagination, our passion and our sense of beauty and wonder!

Altered Kat said...

Merry Christmas!