Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here I am at Post # 96 and it only took me a week.

Well a lot has happened in this past week.

We had a wedding of which I was one of the photographers. I haven't sorted my pictures yet and I need to ask permission from the B&G if I can post their pic on my blog, but I will if they so let me.

I redid and reposted another tutorial lense on my Squidoo site and it is called Fabric Boxes
It was posted somewhere else before so you may have seen it but now it is a little more organized and easy to print out if you are one that likes the printed copy. So if you haven't seen it, haven't tried it, or forgot about it, do check it out when you have a chance. Also if you look along the left side of my blog, I have started adding pics with links that take you directly to my tutorials. This list is going to get longer and longer as I get a little more organized.

Another thing I did this week, is I started listing art items on a new site called Artbyus
They are actually not a "new" site, just new to me.
Here is my gallery page I listed some of my embellished keys so far.

And so cool of Artbyus, that they supply these great wigits for showing your listings: It's a little bit big for my blog but at least you can see some of the items.

Speaking of embellished keys, I have also listed 3 of them on ebay

So the next thing on my list is the fact that I have been "tagged" by Kat, as she says, she claims rights to Post # 96
I am supposed to tell you 6 weird or unimportant facts or stories or something about me that I haven't told you already.

Then I am supposed to tag a bunch of other bloggers so that they do the same.

Soooooooo........are you shakin in yur boots yet???
Thinking........is she gonna add my name to that list dagnabbit????


Okay Kat, for you I will do this list one more time and it is some new facts, but I am not passing/tagging this on and I am not going to do another one........ ever!!!!

So here goes:
I needed a little bit of help so I started by reading what Kat posted on her's for some ideas

1. I was too old to have a poster of M.J. on my walls but I did have a poster of Donny Osmond when I was 11 and I did write a very long fan letter to him once. I got a letter back and was so disappointed when I realized he didn't really write it, because he didn't even answer one of my questions and it was so generic, even I knew it. It broke my heart and I totally quit being in love with him.

2. My nickname at school was burger or hamburger because of my last name Newberg. It was annoying for many years but now when I think of the kids that used to call me that, it makes me smile and remember some fun times.

3. I played the violin growing up. Back then I remember I could play a fabulous rendition of Turkey in the Straw, The Minuet by Strauss and O Canada (The original version)
Hey Kat, wanna start a girl band?

4. For many years I had a collection of Cat ornaments. It started with a small typesetter box I found and I added a couple of miniature cat ornaments on it. That was it ....the collection was born. Soon I was getting gifts of cat ornaments for every occassion, sad part is none of them ever fit on that shelf. So then I had a cat table, but they got bigger and I was putting them on the floor and on other shelves that I had to buy. Then I need a big case and then I started to pack them in boxes for when I moved to a bigger house. It didn't stop there, I had cat pot holders, and mugs, (many mugs) and tea pots and a clock and cat pillows, and fluffy cats, ceramic, glass, brass, even bone and candles and keychains and earrings and broaches and slippers and pj's and whaaaaa it was way outta hand!!!!!! There were many other types of cats, I just can't think right now.
So finally I said no more and had a big garage sale and sold off most of them. I still have the ones that fit in that typesetter box and I will eventually get rid of all of those too and no one is ever allowed to buy me anything with a cat on it.
Did I mention I also collect real live ones?
I have 3 (used to be 4) and that is the limit. But at least they wont get sold at a garage sale, but I have threatened to ship a few in the mail.
Oh yeah, I guess there is one other Kat in my collection and that one is a "keeper", but I sure hope they broke the mold on that ornament cuz I only want one of those no clones please LOL

5. My parents never owned a car or any other mode of transportation other than the bikes.
I only got my drivers license when I started dating my hubby, I think I was 22? Then my hubby gave me his Blue Chevy Nova when he bought a new vehicle. It was my first car and I loved it until it started having serious electrical problems. One night very late in the evening, on a wild and crazy hot summer Friday or Saturday we were coming home from somewhere on the other side of the city.
I was driving my Nova and Tom was behind me in his car. Every time I made a left turn, the car horn would honk in continuous short honks like I was pressing on the horn trying to get someone's attention.
Honk honk honk...honk honk honk it was a little embarrassing to say the least and I was a young cutie in those days so every drunk and car full of men all ages would honk back at me. I had a couple of cars following me for a bit. needless to say I must have made about 100 left turns on my way home. I was so crushed and I could have probably had a few new boyfriends no problem. Luckily Tom was there to witness the whole thing. He disconnected the horn the next day.

6. I think I am the only one that wrote this stuff. I spent a good hour reading through the blogs of all of Kat's taggee's only to find that so far I am the only one that wrote. I did read some great blogs including Rachel and Kerry's and I love their dog Blue. So I guess the point is that I will usually participate in the adventures of Kat, even though she often sends me on some wild goose chases looking at websites, or unusual ebay listings or weird bloggers and for some reason I always go and check them out. On the other hand I guess I do the same to her. Yesterday we came back to an old joke we have had for a bit about left brain and right brain. it's obvious we still share the brain thingy.

Okay Kat, that's it I am done done done!!!

Last of all I have updated my draw entries for my 100th post coming soon, if you haven't been here before just go back a few posts and you will figure out what I am talking about and don't forget to leave a comment in order to be entered into the draw.

Jen 1 (Nice to meet you Jen!)
Denise 1
Shari 2
Mercedes 1
Kat 3
Sarah 2
Lydia 2
Kathy 1
Teresa 1
Connie 1

Thank-you for your comments everyone! Oh and go and check out their blogs too for some great reading!



Altered Kat said...

Awwwww...thank you!...I'll send you another one next week ;oP

p.s. Donny & his purple socks suck!

Mercedes said...

OH, that tins are like cakes, so cute !!!!!!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you have had a busy week x