Sunday, April 03, 2011

April Giveaway!!!!

Hi Everyone,

It is time for a huge major long overdue art and supplies giveaway on my blog.

My studio is bursting at the seams with waaaaay tooooo much art supllies that I will never use. I really should show pics of my studio but it is too messy.

This giveaway is for a big box full of altered art supplies. Anything from collage sheets, vintage papers, scrap-booking papers, fibres, dangles, beads, rusty stuff, fabric, braid, trim, lace, game pieces, new used, art items, and unfinished art items,new and used tools, gadgets, rubber stamps, die-cuts, vintage and retro items, and what ever else I can cram into the box.

I dont care where you live, I will ship it to anywhere!

Altered Art means that you may also find things to alter in this box.

Now for those of you that are familiar with my boxes of stuff, you know that it is gonna be filled with tons of goodies. For those of you that are unfamiliar with my box of goodies, I will be taking some pictures later this month and of course adding more as I go along.

This blog giveaway requires that you leave a comment on this post. And if you announce it on your blogs by post or link you will receive a second entry. Be sure to let me know who sent you! You can feel free to grab the image above to add to your discussions.

If you are a follower of this blog or any of my other blogs, then you will have a second or as many entries as all of the blogs I have, just by following all of them. And if you follow me on Facebook or twitter that earns you more entries.

If you post a link on your blog blogs or website, let me know and I will give you another entry. If you add me to your blog roll, I will add you to mine and give you 2 more entries. Again, let me know in your comments.

If you were sent here by someone, give me their name when you comment and you will get a second entry and so will your sender. (please be specific - telling me that Mary sent you doesn't help Mary very much! But telling me Mary from Mary's lovely art blog does get both of you a second entry) (Oh and just in case there really is a Mary's Lovely Art Blog....Mary, you automatically get 10 entries LOL and a permanent blog roll link to your blog)

This giveaway will be at the end of April (May 1st(ish)draw). I will tally up all of the comments as well as show you how many entries you have. Then, I will randomly pick a winner from the basket.

I will try to post some fun pics soon! Wow! I am really gonna get my studio cleaned up again!

Thanks for playing! Have a very creative month!