Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Heart Ties Tutorial

Heart Ties Tutorial

Creating these pretty little heart ties was so easy, they can be used to tie gift bags closed, add to gift packages as a pretty bow ornament or drape and display as ornaments year round.
I made the fabric bags with lace trim to fill with goodies and tie with these sweet little heart ties. But you could use the ties for cello bags, paper bags, etc
Even pieces of fabric cut into a square or circle pulled up hobo style tie very nicely with these heart ties and Bonus!!!no sewing required!!!!
I started out with a Hearts collage sheet the one above is available for download from the image photo pool click on the link or image above to download a free copy.
(the collage sheet used in the tutorial below is an old design from another source)
I cut up the sheet into smaller sheets and glued them to heavy chipboard. I also used a complimentary paper on the backside of the chipboard for a nice finish.

Then with a good pair of sharp scissors, I cut out all of the shapes. Most of the hearts on this sheet are in pairs of one small and one large.

After cutting out the hearts, ink stain or distress the heart edges. This will cover up any jagged cuts from the scissors. I then hole punched a very small hole for a rivet, and added rivets in colors complimentary to the design. 

The ties for the hearts can be made from anything! I used ribbon on mine but you could use wool, fibers, string,even shoelaces! The length I used for my ties was 26 inches, but you could also have several sets of hearts ready and only add the ties as you require for your package or add the hearts on after the package is tied.
To add the ribbons, I sliced the ribbon edge into a long point to feed through the rivet hole from back to front. Then I double knotted and trimmed to the knot. The ribbon ends could also be glued to the backs and there are many other creative ways to finish the ribbon ties, however I choose the fast and easy method!
The heart back allows room to write personal sentiments or add your signature.
Do not limit your heart ties to just heart shapes, any shape of interest will work very nicely for package ties.
You can also embellish your hearts with additional trinkets or buttons for your own creative flare

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