Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tag book of tags

Hi Everyone,

Another swap on PDA in the Tag you are it Group.

The challenge was to make a tag book with tags.

So I took it literally and did both. I made the book from stained and distressed manilla shipping tags. Then inside I created little pockets using "used" tea bags.

After you drink your tea, allow the tea bag to dry thoroughly and then cut along one edge and remove tea leaves. Tea leaves can be added to your house plants for nutrients, and then you are left with these lovely little pockets to add to your art projects. Plus they are already vintage stained from the tea!

Once I added the pockets, I then added smaller tags inside. Each pocket holds 2 tags.
There are 6 inside pages for a total of 12 small assorted tags. I have shown a few pics of the little tags.
Each tag has fibre or ribbon ties, and the book closes with a twine that weaves through each manilla tag.

Ends of twine are knotted so they dont come out of the book (yet long enough for easy maneuver of opening the book) and then pulled tight to make a bow. I added a wire hanger to hang the book or attach to another art project.
Then through out the book I lightly embellished with paper flowers and small rhinestone bling.

What a fun project! I hope my swap partner will enjoy this little book of goodies!

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is so very cute! I love what you did with the tea bag pockets. Have a great day!

  2. Love this project.


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